Cricket civilises people

Your homophobia began circa 2000, when western nations scratched you off their guest list. Surely you must have known about Canaan Banana. You stopped attending cricket, which is strange because you once said ‘cricket civilises people.’ Do you not want us to be civilised any more, your Excellency? Would you rather have us run wild like savages?

Mr President, it has been nine months since that resounding election victory. You promised to create 2,2million jobs. (36,000 jobs per month). That means since July you have created 330,000 jobs. I have many friends who were unemployed in July 2013 and, ‘three hundred and thirty thousand jobs’ later, they still are.

You are probably having sleepless nights from the lack of new investment. It’s simple really. Nobody wants to invest in a country where government forcibly takes 51% of assets. Apart from scaring investors, what you are telling Zimbabweans is that they are incapable of creating their own businesses.

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