Cuba seeks to expand relations with Zimbabwe

Cuba says there is room for improvement in its bilateral relations with Zimbabwe and is working to explore more trade possibilities.

Ambassador Elio Savon Oliva – accountability is important.
Ambassador Elio Savon Oliva – accountability is important.

Ambassador Elio Savon Oliva said in a recent interview that the two countries shared strong ties, which if enhanced would bring immense benefits for both.

“The bilateral relations are very good but there is always room for improvement in several areas. At the moment, we are in the process of looking for more possibilities of trade. He reiterated his country’s commitment to assisting Zimbabwe in the health sector.

Cuba has several health personnel working at hospitals around the country.

“We have been cooperating with Zimbabwe in the field of health and an agreement was signed recently to renew that cooperation. we also have Cuban professionals working at Zimbabwean universities,” said Oliva.

A number of Zimbabwean students have graduated as teachers from Cuban Universities through the Professor Training Programme.

“Another area we can cooperate in is malaria control. Recently, a Cuban entrepreneurial group was here and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in that area,” said Oliva.

In November last year, former Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Enrique Antonio Prieto Lopez, said Cuba was working on modalities to strengthen its cooperation with Zimbabwe in the tourism sector.

He said Zimbabwe should make extensive use of its mineral and human resources while at the same time implementing people -entered policies to aid development processes. Oliva said accountability was important so that ordinary Zimbabweans could benefit from resources in their country.

“The concept of thinking of the person on the street and trying to improve their welfare is very important, as it is because of the support of the people that the leaders are where they are today. Another area that I see the Zimbabwean government trying to address is corruption and that is very important because it will ensure that people are accountable,” said Oliva.

He expressed optimism that the government would embrace the political will to fight corruption and abuse of office by public officials.

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