Fans complain after Chipaz concert

The much-awaited Zimdancehall concert which was held at Gwanzura Stadium last night, to celebrate Chipaz Promotions' tenth anniversary and the promoter's contribution in the growth of the arts in Zimbabwe, left many fans feeling shortchanged and discontented.


Violence, fights and the now usual can-bottle-throwing also characterised this well attended concert, as the fans would be seen running amock from time to time, from the charging police holding button sticks. Confusion began from the young moments of the night when young people started complaining at the ticketing point outside the gate, protesting why the concert fee had been increased to $3 from the $2 which was written on the widely distributed posters. The angry young attendants could be seen throwing sand and empty cans to the ticketing vehicle, infusing much terror to the ticketing staff who had to be salvaged by police details who dispersed the angry youths.

The youthful fans who dominated attendance of the concert which ended this morning also would not have kind treatment to every artist who would deliver a 'bad' performance as he would be subjected to a firing squad of fans randlomly throwing empty cans and bottles.

What also angered the crowd was the organisers' focus on spending almost the entire night playing disks instead of timeously bringing the advertised artists to play live. The DJs too had a rough night of having to stay alert to the charging bottles and cans.

It was a sad day for Sniper too, who has recently launched a new album Silver Bullet, as he had to unceremoniously leave the stage after barely playing three songs, before a tornado of empty and semi-empty cans started falling on him. Before he could finish his third song, the entire crowd was parallely singing another artist's tune 'Mwari Ishe ndipeivo njere' in unison, to discourage him from further performance. The above, coupled with technical hiccups in the sound system, apparently forced Sniper to leave the stage prematurely, promising the fans to come back but never did.

The mawayawaya hitmaker Shinsoman, also struggled to meet the crowd's expectations, with fair performance coming from Killer T and Seh Calaz.

Godfather Templeman also managed to thrill the crowd; with King Shaddy, who had a home advantage, also giving a brilliant performance.

The thunder of the night was stolen by Kinnah of the inini zvangu zvauya fame, as he made the crowd jump to his tunes.

A closing performance was given by the man of the moment, Soul Jah Love, although his first impression gave overwhelming evidence to the public jury to convict him of being 'drunk.' Overally, Soul Jah Love did not dissapoint, although overally the concert proved to be a boring cold night.

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