Farmers to discuss way forward on land

South African land valuer Mills Fitchet is currently in Zimbabwe for a series of meetings on farm restitution/compensation issues and the valuation of claims.

He will give farmers a perspective on the value of agricultural land in the SADC region, and how this compares to Zimbabwe. After the Dutch Case award in 2009 Mills Fitchet was contracted to deal with farmers and investors at the forefront of legal claims against the Zimbabwe Government.

The aim is to develop among stakeholder organisations a sense of openness and transparency which would see restitution/compensation issues addressed in the best interests of the entire farming community, in so far as farmers’ and farm workers’ legal/human rights are concerned.

While many dispossessed farmers have been disillusioned by previous initiatives which have yielded little and, in many cases further impoverished many former farmers, feedback from the sector indicates that this is an important initiative which must be given a chance.

As they point out, history has proved that title deeds, coupled with the rule of law, are the catalysts for development and for bringing countries out of poverty. While property rights remain unprotected, Zimbabweans will become poorer, hungrier and food insecure.

For further information, contact Justice for Agriculture (JAG), Harare, on: cell: +263 (0)774 645 894 or e-mail them on [email protected] : [email protected]

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