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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am an A level student at a boarding school in Harare. I was a student from a small town prior to my coming to the capital city. I have a couple that is sponsoring my education following my parents’ tragic death two years ago. I am so devastated with the goings-on at my school.

There are students who have been at the school for a long time now and they are bullying me. I had not been letting them bother me but one of them recently called me a mama’s boy. I have not been upset by the fact that he thinks I am spoiled but I hate to think that I don’t even have that mother to spoil me.

It hurts to think that I am an orphan; it is something I am finding hard to accept. l feel robbed. I don’t know how to deal with these boys, what l know is if I handle it my way l will really hurt someone because of the emotions piling up in me. Please help before l do something I will regret. – Sam

Dear Sam

Oh please don’t! You are a good child and you need not let other bad kids affect you. You need to report them to the school authorities and seek help in dealing with the matter. If you deal with them yourself you will end up being the bad guy in the matter.

I am very sorry about what happened to your parents, it is so heart-breaking to lose one parent or worse still both of them. They are an important pillar in our lives and we always feel empty without them. But when they are no longer there it is important that we make them proud parents in heaven when they look down on us to see us doing all the good things they taught us. You are blessed to have had them for more than 15years of your life.

It is time to start cherishing all the moments you had with your parents, the lessons you learnt from them and live up to the best of their expectations. Smile and know that they look at down on their son and see how successful they were in raising a well-behaved young man. You need to be strong and face all challenges with courage. Imagine what advice your parents would give you each time you face a problem. Do exactly that and know that their spirit lives on.

Stay strong and be open about it, talk about what happened to your parents when you can and whenever you feel like crying know that it is okay. It is a mere stereotype that men don’t cry and it has always been a bad habit as men hold back their emotions. Let it out brother. But most importantly, live to make them proud. Island Hospice has a good bereavement counselling programme – please get in touch with them for help and advice. – Aunty Lisa

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