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Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been friends with a certain guy since November 2013. In December the friendship turned so close that I would miss him so much. We started flirting and then had a bitter quarrel over his girlfriend. The quarrel angered him into not seeing me for two weeks. This made me feel empty and I decided to change my whatsapp number.

Through the new contact I started stalking him – until he discovered it was I. I lied to him that it was my friend using my phone to stalk him without my knowledge. We reunited until his friend who was privy to what had happened disclosed that it was actually me who had been stalked him. This made him stop seeing me again. All efforts to get him back have failed. Please help me with advice since I really miss him. – Natali Chihota

Dear Natali Chihota

I hope you learn from this that deception and lies are not a good foundation for a relationship. Stalking may sound cool – but actually it is an offence. Be careful! I don’t know if you want to be dating this man or all you enjoy is flirting. You need to know what you want from this relationship. The man comes close to you and you choose to keep chasing him, it is clear he is fed up with that attitude. You need to know what you want and stop acting like a schoolgirl.

You need to prove to your man that you are mature and you need a mature and serious relationship, he is obviously someone mature who is not for the stalking games. If you need him back you will need to give him some time to come around – but while you are at it you need to give him a reason to come to you. And somehow you need to assure him that if he does come back to you – there will be no more lies. Act mature and be ready to love and be loved without being deceitful. – Aunty Lisa

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