Harare builds more schools

Harare City Council has released $40,000 to build four primary schools in Yemurai, Hatcliffe, Budiriro 4 and Hopley Primary Schools. Parents will contribute $10,000 per school to purchase bricks.

Recent council minutes indicate that the funds would be sourced from revenue from the council amenities account which has a balance of $100,000. The Director of Housing and Community Services, Justin Chivavaya, said housing cooperative developments in Budiriro phase 4 required more than five schools to meet the Ministry of Education stipulation of one primary school for every 500 households.

“Council is being requested to take over the completion of Tabudirira Housing Cooperative which was initiated by residents as a community school as a lot of children were involved in road accidents on their way to far away schools while some unscrupulous persons were attempting to sell the school clandestinely,” Chivavaya told the council.

Meanwhile, council has mooted taking over the low density libraries in Greendale, Hatfield, Highlands, Malbereign and Mount Pleasant and joining them into mainstream council libraries as they are bankrupt.

“Integration into the mainstream of council libraries will make them relevant and begin to serve the needs of the communities,” Chivavaya said.

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