Higher driving age move sparks debate

The government’s move to raise the minimum age for driving public transport from 25 to 30 has been received with mixed reactions.

Government says it is considering the change after observing that most road accidents involved drivers under 30.

Older people who spoke to this reporter welcomed the move, saying it would ensure the safety of passengers because young drivers tended to be reckless on the roads.

Young drivers and public transport companies, however, have castigated the move, saying it will lead to more unemployment.

“Other countries, such as the US and Canada, actually have minimum age requirements of less than 25 years for driving a kombi, but there are no records of alarming accidents occurring,” said one public transport worker. “The fact that the exact opposite is true in Zimbabwe proves that the problem is not about the age of drivers but the rotten institutions.”

A young kombi driver said: “The government should rather be focusing on curbing corruption at VID, where officers there are bribed to give licences to incompetent drivers who are later involved in road accidents.”

Other bus users argued that the government should endeavour to curb corruption by traffic police, who are bribed by kombi drivers to pass with faulty vehicles or without proper documents.

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