Investment critical for growth in tourism: AAT

There is need to invest in human capital and property development as a means of refining the country’s tourism sector to match international standards, says the Chief Executive of Africa Albida Tourism, Ross Kennedy.

Chief Executive of Africa Albida Tourism, Ross Kennedy
Chief Executive of Africa Albida Tourism, Ross Kennedy

In a statement issued by the AAT, Kennedy said because the country had the potential increase the numbers of tourists arrivals, there is need for organisations and companies that are operating in the industry to exhibit maximum professionalism that raised the country’s flag on the local and international platform.

Said Kennedy in his statement: “Companies should ensure the maintenance of high levels of quality, service and hospitality. They should be continually refined, upgraded and enhanced to meet international standards and expectations.

“It is important to ensure that our products and the experience we offer is not only value for money but exceeds guests expectations.”

Kennedy believes that two critical components of achieving this include investing in people and training, and investing properties.

The AAT boss said because of the increased tourists arrivals in the country in 2013, his organisation had realised increased revenue inflows.

“Comparing with our colleagues and competitors on a monthly basis, our revenue increased by 20 percent compared to the same period in the previous year,” he said, adding that, it is the duty of players in the industry to continuously engage the regional and international community and assist in enhancing positive news about Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls Safari Club, one of the AAT brands, was awarded the David Chapman Cup for Innovation by the Zimbabwean tourism industry at the annual Zimbabwe Council for Tourism awards in March 2014.

Created 18 months ago, the club offers personalised and luxurious care to travellers from the moment they set foot in the Victoria Falls.

AAT has built and successfully opened other luxury brands in the last three years: Ngoma Safari Lodge located in Chobe, Botswana and the Victoria Falls Safari. The organisation is set to renovate the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, a project commencing at the beginning of April and should be completed by July 15, 2014.

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