Job Sikhala spot on

EDITOR - I fully support Job Sikhala’s position and utterances concerning a possible way forward. This is true and fearless leadership such as we have not seen for a long time. The old and frail Robert Mugabe should be tackled head on. This is the time to dig trenches and fight to defend our freedom and survival. If we don’t we will face annihilation at the hands of Zanu (PF).

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

We have seen that Zanu (PF) controlled and masterminded all the previous elections and there is no way the opposition going to win at the polls if they continue to referee. It therefore leaves only one option for the suffering masses, peaceful protests: The Ukraine way to change government.

There is no more time for Zanu (PF). Look around and you see corruption, poor service delivery. Mugabe himself has sanctioned corruption by his reluctance to deal with his highly corrupt officials. He is tired and now only waiting to die. His family is already rich. He does not care anymore about the future of Zimbabwe.

In majority of Sub Sahara African region it is impossible to unseat liberation movements that have become governments. Liberation movement parties have remained in power for decades in several African countries through sophisticated and shameful manipulation of the voting process. Control of the judiciaries has also been a key to their “election victories”. This has happened in Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi to name just a few.

In Zimbabwe, since 1980, the army, CIO, the police and Zanu (PF) youths have kept tight control over the entire voting process. Zanu (PF) prints and distributes the ballot papers. Zanu (PF) carries out the voter registration. Mugabe and Zanu (PF) choose who and who shouldn’t monitor the elections. Mugabe himself selects and appoints the Zimbabwe Election Council. The ZEC officials then conduct the election under tight scrutiny and guidance of security forces loyal to Zanu (PF) because they have been bought.

Above all, the party controls the principal information dissemination agencies (Zimpapers and ZBC) and effectively uses these to threaten the opposition and the people in general. How then will Zanu (PF) ever lose? Going to the ballot is like using foreign language to Zanu (PF), it doesn’t hear it.

We the people, being the rightful owners of the country, have to find other avenues of reaching out to these selfish Zanu (PF) looters. Job Sikhala is therefore using the correct language. Protests against poor or non-service delivery, tyranny, economic mismanagement and disgusting corruption are long overdue.

In Ukraine combined and determined efforts by citizens yielded positive results. Ukranians were tired of corruption and general fiscal mismanagement. Change does not happen on its own. It has to be caused.

The time is now and there is simply no other way out of our crisis. The formula is industrial action coupled with protest, then transitional government, and ultimately transparent elections monitored by all who care about Zimbabwe and not handpicked by Mugabe. – Zanda Shumba, Nyazura

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