Land audit will weed out lazy farmers – Mavhaire

Zanu (PF) secretary for production and labour Dzikamai Mavhaire has called for a land audit to determine production levels on pieces of land allocated under the government’s controversial land reform programme.

Zanu (PF) secretary for production and labour Dzikamai Mavhaire.
Zanu (PF) secretary for production and labour Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Mavhaire, who is also the minister of power and energy development, said those found not to be using their pieces of land should lose them to people who were able to farm effectively and feed the nation.

Addressing farmers near Bondolfi mission near Masvingo city, Mavhaire said the land audit would be carried out this year with the aim of weeding out lazy farmers.

Mavhaire said the newly established Land Commission would establish how many farms one had and the rates of production, as the government intended to boost agricultural production in the country.

“You should use your land or risk losing it,” said Mavhaire.

Turning to the issue of relief food aid Mavhaire said cabinet had already agreed that the facility should be scrapped because nearly everyone this year managed to get enough food to feed himself.

“Government has agreed that the relief food aid facility should stop because farmers should learn to produce food for themselves,” said Mavhaire.

“The days of farmers celebrating after getting free food are over, since we now expect farmers not just sit and fold their hands and wait for government to assist them,” he said.

Opposition parties in the country have been calling for a land audit to determine how many farms individuals have. The move aims to establish where there are owners of multiple farms who should give land to others.

Civic organisations and opposition parties have accused ruling Zanu (PF) officials of grabbing vast pieces of land at the expense of ordinary people.

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