Land imbalances

On the subject of taking things, how is that land reform thing going for you? Are you happy to see grass and shrubs growing where wheat once swayed in the breeze?

Why did it take you 20 years to act on the land imbalances? We had vast amounts of vacant land – state land. How come you did not first try to resettle blacks on those vacant plots before taking white owned farms? Those mischievous independent newspapers allege that you engaged in land redistribution only to ensure political survival. It would be good to hear your version, your Excellency.

Have you been to Chingwizi or Lupane to interact with flood victims? I understand you are very busy – what with the million dollar 90th birthday parties and multimillion dollar weddings. In that schedule, have you managed to find 5 minutes to visit Chingwizi or Lupane? I hear their food supplies are running low.

You boycotted the EU summit. That will show those meddling imperialists. We will not be dictated to by outsiders. But just one thing, your Excellency – I failed to see Amai Mugabe’s reason for wanting to tag along, especially after you once asked why young Zimbabweans flock to Europe – “muchienda kunaani?”.

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