Mashakada urges national dialogue to avert economic crisis

The Zanu (PF) government must engage in national dialogue with other political parties to avoid a deepening economic crisis and a pariah status, says MDC- T shadow minister for Industry and Commerce, Tapiwa Mashakada.


Addressing journalists at the party’s headquarters in Harare today, Mashakada said it was evident that Zanu (PF) had failed to fulfill promises made before last year’s general elections.

Said Mashakada: “The Zanu (PF) administration has failed to resuscitate industry and the country’s economy eight months after forming a sham government. They have instead invested in hostile domestic and foreign policies that scare away investors.”

He said unless the government crafted investor friendly policies, the economic crisis would persist.

“Investors do not depend on political rhetoric because they look at the law and until government enacts investor friendly policies, Zimbabwe is going to transform itself into a national crisis of expectations, legitimacy and leadership,” said Mashakada.

He bemoaned worsening company closures that were contributing to unemployment, which independent experts say is more than 80 percent.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has revealed that, as of December 2013, it had recorded over 9, 000 job losses while 75 companies had closed shop and warned that the trend would worsen in 2014.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) confirmed that Zimbabwe was set to experience more company closures because of the shrinking economy.

Mashakada said disputed 2013 polls were the Zanu (PF) government’s albatross.

“Poverty is excruciating and the little hope that the people had developed under the inclusive government is slowly fading away,” he said.

He accused Zanu (PF) of grabbing power and turning Zimbabwe into a pariah state

Said Mashakada: “You do not just get power for the sake of it. If you grab power, the next thing is that you must deliver. Zanu (PF) has marginalised the international community and this points towards the beginning of worse things.”

He said there was need for new investment capital either through new loans or votes of credit in order for the country’s economy to move forward.

He accused Zanu (PF) of reducing the country to a beggar state and a supermarket for South African products. “Zimbabweans have long faces because they are living from hand to mouth,” he said.

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