Mass marriage in a carriage

Dozens of couples got hitched in a mass wedding ceremony held on the underground train network of Wuhan in China.

The local council in Hubei province organised the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the area’s tube first opened.

Appeals were sent out in the local newspaper for couples to agree to be married on the underground, and to tell their underground related stories to local media.

In exchange the couples were given a donation towards the costs of their weddings and the mass after-wedding party.

Organiser Hui Lais, 35, said: “Many people who live here when they get married take a honeymoon away from the city. We held this activity to make people feel like this is also a place where they can spend a special time, particularly as it is the 10th anniversary of our subway network, we wanted to do something that would highlight both.

“We unanimously agreed in a meeting that such a group wedding not only increases the happiness of the people here about their city and increases their love of the city, it also highlights the fact that this is more than just a way to travel.”

The first person to sign up for the train wedding was Liu Tingfei, 23.

Liu said: “We didn’t want a big wedding, we had planned to travel to Thailand to have a simple wedding. But what could be more simple than getting married on the subway?

“Both myself and my boyfriend live right next to the subway. When we dated, we always took the subway to travel to each other. It’s low carbon and environmentally friendly. I told my friends we were having the ultimate low carbon wedding.”

Zhang Siyang, 27, and her husband Li Jiangshan, 29, got married on the subway because Li works for the company.

He said: “I won her over by taking her on subway trips, I pointed out that each subway in the city has a different colour. The one we take has the colour green. It stands for vitality and life. It signifies that our love will be full of life like an eternal spring.”

He added: “When we are too old to walk, I will still take you to take subways to see this city.”

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