Misconceptions about President Mugabe?

'Mugabe was opposite of Mandela. Mandela allowed the colonials to control the wealth and resources of the country, while the natives had their freedom. Also he made some humiliating compromises in TRC, which allowed the most heinous crimes of the apartheid regime go unacknowledged. For it he won the Nobel and other accolades.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

Mugabe did the opposite. He snatched the wealth and resources from the colonials and distributed them among natives. Recently, it became public that he gets only four thousand dollars a month as salary and has no account in a Swiss bank. He rightly said that he deserves the Nobel prize. The academic world can not ignore Mugabe for long. The way he survived the protracted economic sanctions will be a subject of research. Also, many former colonies should take a leaf out of his book.

To learn how to become truly independent. Any University worth its name must hurry to honour him.
 The post colonial history of Zimbabwe is unlike any other country. This unique experiment of doing away with colonial institutions and replacing them with indigenous should be studies closely. For it the Zimbabwean should be proud of their country and its leader. Having a dispassionate debate about this nation is almost the economic sanctions making life of the country arduous. Mugabe survived all it. So he is no common leader. As I said, in the times ahead it will become more obvious.' 'Krishna Bhatt

'Dear Mr Bhatt. I suspect you have a few misconceptions about President Mugabe which I feel must clarify, as a Zimbabwean. Yes, there are glaring differences between Mandela and Mugabe. I dont want to speak too much about the great man, Madiba. Let him rest. I'll speak about Mugabe. Are you aware that in his first 10yrs of government he killed an estimated 20,000 people of a minority tribe in Zimbabwe? Civilians, not rebels.

Some were burnt alive, screaming and pleading in their huts. It saved Mugabe's army the trouble of digging graves. Those that were given the dignity of a burial were piled on top of each other in large pits. Men, women, children. Dont take my word for it. Google the words "Gukurahundi+Mugabe." If Mugabe is such a great leader, why are there millions of Zimbabweans living in South Africa?

Have you been to Zimbabwe at all? Are you aware it is a punishable offence to insult Mugabe? If we love him so much, why does he need an anti-insult law to shield him? Do you know we voted him out of power in 2008 but he killed, raped, tortured his way back into office? Thabo Mbeki helped with that.

Are you aware that 2million Zimbabweans are living on food donated by foreign funded NGOs because his "land reform" has failed? Are you aware that he took land from competent professionals & gave it to his cronies, most of whom are clueless about farming? We have a tv show whera panel of agricultural experts answer phone-in questions from the so-called "farmers" who ask basic questions on farming, they ask things that FARMERS should really know.

Imagine a surgeon taking time out from the operating room, with patient's chest open, so he can call an expert. We are importing maize, our staple food, from Zambia. Guess what? When Mugabe evicted white farmers, Zambia embraced them. Our food, that we buy from Zambia, was grown by white Zimbabweans. Pause for a minute to allow that to sink in.

There used to be trees, fences and crops growing on our farms. Now all you see is tree stumps because selling firewood is so much easier than actual farming. Speaking of firewood, do you know Zimbabwe's urban population cooks with firewood? Daily!

He gave land to blacks. ”Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!” But here he is, giving mines to Chinese and Koreans. How is that different from having white people on our farms? White people who provided free education and free clinics to their employees.

It took Mugabe 20yrs to act on land imbalances. And he only acted because of the new threat of the Movement for Democratic Change. He undertook the land redistribution – haphazardly, chaotically – for reasons of political survival. Staying in office is a matter of life & death for him. He KNOOOWS that as soon as he's out, we will hold tribunals for the inumerable atrocities he has committed on his countrymen.

How many people died of cholera in Zimbabwe as a result of drinking untreated water? Mugabe will say it's Britain's sanctions. But sanctions are essentially a refusal to deal directly with his government. Britain remains Zimbabwe's biggest aid donor.

Zimbabwe's problems are from failure by government to create an environment conducive for business. Failure by Mugabe to stamp out corruption. Explain how on $4000 a month he can afford to buy a $5M Hongkong apartment for his daughter. He recently spent millions of dollars (American dollars, not Mozambican meticais) on his daughter's wedding.

Guests were ferried from two-three-four hundred kilometres away by state owned buses. VIPs were chauffeured in Range Rovers and Mercedes Benzes hired by the CMED (a state body whose role is to maintain the government's dwindling fleet). Are you aware our police chase traffic law offenders ON FOOT because they don't have patrol cars?

Feel free to throw rocks at Mandela's grave Mr Bhatt, because Mandela is a giant and giants laugh when little people bark at their ankles. But what ever you do, do not deceive yourself or anybody else about Mugabe.

He is an evil, corrupt dictator and people in Zimbabwe will dance and ululate on the day of his death. The streets of Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare will be WIIIILD with car hooters honking and strangers hugging each other.

Visit Zim sometime. It would be an eye opening experience.

My pen is capped. Jerà'

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