Mozambican police arrest four alleged kidnappers

The Mozambican police have arrested four people in the southern city of Matola, whom they accuse of kidnapping a 17 year old girl, reports Tuesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”.

The police say that the four, named as A. Muianga (27), T. Matusse (26), W. Langa (24) and A. Manteiga (23) are members of a gang of six responsible for several crimes in Matola.

The girl, whose name was not revealed, was kidnapped on 18 March. Allegedly, the kidnapping was Manteiga’s idea and he promised to pay the others 200,000 meticais (about 6,560 dollars) each, if the abduction was successful.

Once they had seized the girl, the gang threw her into a Toyota Corolla vehicle and drive her to a house near the Mozal aluminium smelter. The girl was held there for six days while her captors negotiated a ransom with her parents. She was released after the ransom (the size of which was not revealed) was paid.

Muianga, Matusse and Langa confessed their involvement in the crime, and claimed they had been used by Manteiga. “After kidnapping the girl, we regretted it”, they said, “because when we asked Manteiga for the money, he threatened us with death”.

The spokesperson for the Maputo provincial police command, Joao Machava, said the gang is highly dangerous, and the police are seeking to locate and arrests its other two members.

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