Nothing wrong with regime change

Without the help of foreign funding, Zanu (PF) and ZAPU would never have been able to wage the armed struggle. Without international assistance, we will not be able to get rid of Zanu (PF). Our fight is for freedom from oppression just as we fought the same fight against the colonialists - except this time our own people have become the new colonialists.

Vince Musewe
Vince Musewe

I am tired of this regime change rhetoric. The Chinese are propping up Zanu (PF) against the will of us progressive Zimbabweans – yet that seems acceptable. The people who want regime change are not the West, it is us local progressive black Zimbabweans who want create a better Zimbabwe. What then do we do?

We have two options. The first one being contributions by each and every one of us to a credible change organisation, not a political party. Our sole effort is for regime change through peaceful means. This of course is not going to happen given the divisive nature of Zimbabweans in general.

We are bad at uniting and good at criticising and slandering others. Zanu (PF) is entrenched like a cancerous tumour in our society and this makes the task significantly difficult and protracted – particularly as our options are limited to peaceful means.

Our next option is to link up with international organisations that can provide us with the required resources. This of course is the most viable option provided that we do not become mere agents.

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with us seeking funds elsewhere as long as we know what we want to achieve; Freedom liberty and the right for every Zimbabwean to live up to their full potential. That cannot be such a bad thing and in fact the United Nations should support our efforts because that is what they stand for (I think).

I have noticed with amusement that international organisations in Zimbabwe seem to not be interested in this – but would rather provide developmental funds. My argument remains that development without freedom is slavery. We cannot continue to want others to develop us while we are prisoners to our so called liberators.

Sovereignty is a right I agree, but that right must never be abused to abuse or oppress people – as has been the case to date. Sovereignty is important because we the future leaders are well-equipped and informed enough to understand the new world order that seeks to extract benefit from Africa. We are not naïve to believe that international organisations are here by happenstance or that world government s have no agenda on Zimbabwe.

Yes we want to own our natural and mining resources, yes we want to determine our own future as Africans and but we do know that we can no longer operate divorced from the world at large. The argument that as Africans if we get assistance from the West we are therefore puppets is an old and tired defence mechanism to perpetuate human rights abuse in Africa.

In Zimbabwe, it only serves to entrench Zanu (PF) and frame Africans as though we are victims and recipients of international generosity at the expense of our people. We are not.

Zimbabwe must move into a democratic and modern state led by new leaders and democratic institutions that put the people first. Our nation has so much potential that is now arrested and imprisoned by the past and fear of change.

We must welcome anyone who wishes to assist us in this quest, as long as they know that Zimbabwe and its people come first. That is our agenda. Regime change is now an urgent matter. Freedom first, development later! – Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You may contact him on [email protected]

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