Payback time…

Zanu (PF) has given a 505 hectare farm in Mashonaland West to Noah Taguta, the leader of the Johanne Marange apostolic sect in Bocha for getting his followers to vote for the party last July.

Members of the Noah Taguta-led sect at their shrine in Bocha, Marange.
Members of the Noah Taguta-led sect at their shrine in Bocha, Marange.

President Mugabe defeated the MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangirai by an overwhelming majority in a disputed election.

Before the election, Mugabe frequented the Marange shrine in Bocha, reportedly showering the sect with gifts including tractors, computers and cash.

Taguta predicted that President Mugabe would come out victorious, saying that he represented the black people, while Tsvangirai represented the interest of whites. The sect has a huge membership in the country and throughout Africa.

The minister of state for provincial affairs in Manicaland, Chris Mushohwe, handed over the offer letter of subdivision 2 of Mene Estates in Makonde district on behalf of vice president Joice Mujuru.

Mushohwe read the letter, dated March 11, which was an order given to the ministry of lands and rural resettlement to allocate Taguta and his followers a piece of fertile land.

In her speech, Mujuru said the offer was part of Zanu (PF)`s drive to empower people to be self sustaining through farming. Before the elections, Mugabe also gave Taguta two new tractors and a farm in Chipinge.

“We have realised as government that high priest Noah Taguta commands a large following that come from across the world to seek his assistance. We have people at heart and we are offering the farm so that he can produce enough food for his congregants who gather at the shrine for the passover every year,” said Mujuru.

In his acceptance speech, Taguta said his party was proud to be associated with Zanu (PF) and President Mugabe, adding that Zanu (PF) had fulfilled its pledge made before the elections.

“The president has fulfilled his promise to allocate us another piece of land. We really appreciate this kind gesture,” said Taguta.

Taguta heaped praises on Mugabe, describing him as wise man who did not want to see people suffering. “We rely on land that our president fought for,” said Taguta.

However, other church elders said they were not happy that their leader was meddling in politics. They said these gifts did not benefit the church but only Taguta and his immediate family members.

“Taguta should not force people to support Zanu (PF). Members should have the freedom to belong to a political party of their choice. Where in this world have you ever heard of church being funded by a political party,” said one church elder.

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