Real issues

Tsvangirai was defeated in 2013 – two thirds majority. It is silly if not paranoid, to speak of him, nine months post elections. It is possible you make jokes about Morgan and attack gays to divert from real issues.


For a long time you blamed sanctions for the country’s problems. Are you aware that Ian Smith presided over a vibrant productive sector despite punitive sanctions? The Rhodesian army circumvented military sanctions by manufacturing its own vehicles – Kudus, Leopards – using chassis cannibalised from passenger trucks, clad with sheet metal from the same Ziscosteel which died on your watch. Apart from attempting to drain pure diesel from a rock, what ingenuity has your government come up with? The same incompetent government that you have recycled since 1980.

What are you going to do about corruption? You said you had learned of a minister who was charging a fee just to arrange appointments with you. When are you going to name and shame the culprit?

The independent press – they don’t stop do they – say you are now too old to keep your party members in check. Perhaps you should silence those journalists by making high level arrests.

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