Residents challenge unlawful billing

Residents here are up in arms over the continued billing for water charges, despite the fact that they have no water or sewage reticulation infrastructure.

New homeowners from Unit L extension in Seke have for the past two years been billed for water and sewage charges, although council has not set up any infrastructure to cater for the sanitation needs of the residents.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust Board Secretary Tinashe Kazuru said his organisation had engaged the authority but no progress had been made on this issue.

David Gwangwero, one of the new homeowners, said: “We are billed rates ranging between $20 to $40 although there are no water pipes and all of us have sunk boreholes.

As for sewerage, council has not even started putting any pipes and the majority of the new home owners have improvised on how to deal with sewerage issues.”

Last week, the residents engaged parliament and briefed legislators about poor governance and lack of service delivery in the municipality saying that they are not happy that the quality of service continues to decline although rates are increasing.

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