Treasury broke

While Mugabe is speechifying, the country is literally burning. Labour lawyers report an increase in complaints from workers whose employers are struggling to pay salaries. Government payday is a fortnight away and all eyes will be on Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, who promised increments despite a broke Treasury.

Only in January, Chinamasa appealed to Zimbabweans (who he said had become a ‘miracle society’) to put their faith in hard work and not miracles, before adding, ‘let’s not be Makandiwa followers.’

So desperate is Mugabe’s administration that it has given its full support to Prophet Makandiwa’s UFI April 19th Church congress, which is seen as a source of tourism revenue. It is expected that 150,000 people – most of them no doubt seeking miracleS – will flock to Makandiwa, who in 2013 prophesied a Zimbabwe paved with gold.

Despite the acres of arable land, Zimbabwe has not been self-sufficient since 2000. Major manufacturers have either shut down or relocated to neighbouring countries to which Zimbabwe loses valuable forex through net imports. According to Treasury, in February alone, 15 manufacturing companies shut down.

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