Trouble in “Paradise” for PoliKem

The controversial Big Brother Africa reality television show has become a matchmaking haven for its love-struck contestants. Several relationships have mushroomed in the BBA house since its launch in 2003.

Pokello Nare.
Pokello Nare.

Last year’s BBA StarGame topped the charts – with various housemates from different countries involved in steamy and physical relationships. These included Bolt (Sierra Leon) and Betty (Ethiopia), Hakeem (Zimbabwe) and Cleo (Zambia), Beverly (Nigeria) and Angelo (South Africa), Feza (Tanzania) and O’ Neal (Botswana) and finally Pokello (Zimbabwe) and Elikem from Ghana.

But most of the relationships failed to survive outside the BBA house – apparently because they are based on lust and costly to maintain considering the distance factor. Bolt and Betty’s relationship ended when the latter was evicted from the house while HaCleo failed to last outside the reality show.

The same fate haunted Beverly and Angelo, and media reports suggest that the former is now dating another ex-housemate – Bimp from Namibia. The only surviving relationships involve Feza and O’Neal, and the internationally acclaimed PoliKem – as Pokello and Elikem are affectionately known. This is perhaps the most successful relationship to come out of the BBA house.

Careers blossomed

The two have grown to become a brand that has attracted regional and international media as well as hefty endorsement deals across Africa. Both Pokello and Elikem’s solo careers have blossomed since their relationship became public when the Zimbabwean socialite and fashionista declared her love for the Ghanaian just after her eviction from the house.

However, it seems all is not rosy in wonderland following media reports that the two have split. Though they both vehemently denied the reports, a lot of pieces are still missing from the puzzle.

The break up was announced by a Ghanaian newspaper, Graphic Showbiz, and claimed that Elikem had confirmed dating a 28-year-old fashion designer, Theresa Boateng, who came from Germany a month ago to sell her clothing line in Accra. It further indicated that she was two weeks pregnant and Elikem was responsible.

However, a YouTube recording posted by Elikem said that he neither confirmed his “alleged” break-up nor dating Theresa to Graphic Showbiz. “I only know Theresa professionally. I just sold her clothes for her fashion show twice,” he said.

He further confirmed that Theresa had been to his place but in the company of her business associate since he works from home.

On the other hand Theresa is said to have approached Elikem’s mother and brother and denied ever informing Graphic Showbiz that her relationship with The Tailor was beyond professional.

Facebook hacked

She alleged that someone must have hacked her Facebook account and misinformed newspapers.

But the million dollar question is whose voice was quoted by Graphic Showbiz in one of its publicised recordings? Elikem himself even positively identified it as Theresa’s. Moreover, why would any individual plot to hack her account and misinform newspapers?

It should be noted that PoliKem have been making a fortune from their relationship. They have been paid to appear in clubs, fashion shows among other celebrated events, which has prompted many to believe that their relationship is a stage-managed affair with economic benefits.

The Ghanaian media had questioned the reality in how any normal African couple jump from declaring their relationship to talking marriage within a month. Elikem publicly raised concerns that his alleged break-up could stifle some of their endorsement deals.

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