Washable pads restore dignity

Most women and young girls in Lupane area in Matabeleland North can now afford to practice high hygienic standards following the introduction of a cost effective washable sanitary pads by a local non–governmental organization.

In 2012, Days for Girls International conducted a workshop at Lupane Women’s Centre (LWC) where women were taught how to make cheap re-usable sanitary pads using flannel material and polyurethane laminate. The re-usable pads can be washed and dried in the sun and can be used for period lasting 36 months.

Mavis Moyo, a community health worker, applauded Days for Girls International for introducing the pads in the area. “This programme has really restored the dignity of women in the area. Before the introduction of these pads, women and in particular young girls could use things like newspapers, maize cobs and toilet paper to stop menstrual flow during their periods because they could not afford to buy the sanitary wear,” she said.

Following the introduction of the washable pads in the area, most women can now afford to practice good personal hygiene.

LWC manager Hildegard Mufukar, said the re–usable pads had received overwhelming response from the community. “We have toured some schools in the district and we are pleased with the results of this product. The girls have responded very well. After using these pads they should be washed and made to dry in the sun,” she said.

The centre sells the pads for $1 each. Days for Girls has also extended the programme to female inmates at Mlondolozi prison.

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