We cry for Independence

EDITOR - Our country has enjoyed 34 years of independence from the white minority rule - but the mood on the streets says something else. In general most people are facing the hardest times. Jobless youths seem to be more restless by the day. Those employed are not better off - with prospects of getting paid in time or even getting paid at all worsening every month. The country seems to be heading for doomsday.

Since the Government of National Unity ended the country has been hit hard by low investment opportunities. With towns like Redcliff closing down as the Zisco Steel deal with the Indians failed to materialize due to rampant corruption within the Zanu (PF), our tomorrow looks bleak.

Corruption is the biggest cancer in society today, from the police officer on the road to CEO’s in government organisations, the country’s image has been damaged and the prospects of kicking out corruption seem little or none as Zanu (PF) seems to support or encourage corruption.

As Zimbabwe turned 34, most of those in my age group are left wondering what tomorrow has in store for us. We cry for our beloved country, we cry for a better tomorrow and we cry for independence from neo-colonialism.

We long for the day when Zimbabwe is free, free from corruption, free bribery, free from nepotism, free from Mugabe-led government. We long for a better tomorrow, in a country that can provide jobs for the youth, better housing for all, (regardless of colour, creed or political affiliation), better schools for our children, well-staffed and well-built hospitals, good roads and other infrastructure. We cry for real independence. Happy 34 Zimbabwe. – Glee E Chinana

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