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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Clemence Machadu
Clemence Machadu

Do you think Gono is the right person to succeed Mugabe?

Gono was a de facto Prime Minister of Zimbabwe between 2003-08. He ran the country, irrespective of whether he ran it down or whatever, with those quasi-fiscal activities that were beyond the scope of his mandate, the likes of BACOSSI, mechanization etc. I believe his ‘’premiership’’ was actually more powerful to Tsvangirai’s ceremonial one, even powerful than the VP post. So, holding other things constant, he is better positioned in terms of knowing how to run a country and of course how to learn from mistakes. – Clémence Machadu

That won’t work constitutionally, the vice president will automatically be appointed to the presidency, unless Gono could be appointed a finance minister,then he gets promoted through ranks to vice president, check Jonathan goodluck. – Shepherd WaMasedze

Mugabe kupusa arikubirwa chimoko Grace kungwara kuda kuramba aripachigaro indirectly. – Joem Mombe

I’m l getting something wrong here? Who chooses presidents in Zimbabwe? – Clarkson Gutsa

Weren’t there rumours of a secret relationship? Or do I have the wrong man? He does, however, have a ring on his finger which means that he’ll be making music wherever he goes. – Julian De Wette

Why hand pick a successor? Why is it Grace Mugabe is making the choice ? I think the Zimbabweans must choose their future president. – Josphat Khumalo

Zimbabwe is their family asset, so its a wise move making their FAMILY BANKER the top guy, so that he can oversee family finances. Zimbabwe’s (Curator).wise move !! – Murewa Tindo

Oh clever girlfriend trying to bring ex boyfriend closer since the clock is ticking on the old man. – Moffat Ndlovu

Gono wakatiitira mashura wakatadza apa wavakudazve kuuraya ecconomy woda kugadzira mariyako naMugabe muri 2 pfutseki. – Edward Chivasa

What say has Grace got? – Morag Swanepoel

……… And then what? Thus some kinda of coup or party dismantling tactics coz the service chiefs are next in line according to Zanu! – Irvine Mupfuri

But l once read an article alleging that the 2 wer deeply in love so it cud be tru. – Tongai Msareva

To ansa yo question we dont care wat hapens wth another camp we onl care abt mdc fulstop. – Joem Mombe

Mugabe has failed us so we dont want anyone hand picked by him.we dont want continuity we want change.we need a good manager who can acknowledge shotcomings in his policies and change.no to chandagwinyira. – Percy Maramba

He is the best candidate. – Sixoliso Sibanda

I think Gono is suitable succesor.Check his cv. He is moderate and good at engaging different stakeholders.unfortunately that wont happen under the watchful eyes of Zanu (PF) hardliners. – Ozias Mthunzi

Yes he is suitable to carry on the legacy of maladministration and poor delivery. Sad thought indeed. – Exaverio Dafa

Yes – @elisahdadon

Aside from a question of competence, Gono is not the right person because he is not a politician! – @Taffgidi

All things being equal, Gono is the man for the job, he is relatively level headed than the other “candidates” – @muneyi86

Gono now? ZimEye says Grace. Not Mujuru/Emmerson? Then there’s the Chiwenga theory. Let’s ask TB Joshua or Holy Prophet Uebert. – @ConorMWalsh

Chinese theory of deception,mark my words! – @luke_dube

Do you think Zimsec is ready for the computer age?

Step by step nothing is impossible. – @btmaramz

Advanced nyc change. – Simba Ximbo Chinoz

Whilst Zanu (PF) remain in power, the computer age brings wider and access to info Mugabe can’t happily control. – @MCFNottingham

Better be. – @LindaniLimzamo

Myopia & resistant to change. – Danweath Gwanya

Shud fix whats broken first. Teachers are disgruntled, schools, roads etc are in bad state & declining. – @Mambokadzi

The best way of doing this is to allow those schools not equiped enough to register manual. – @btmaramz

Progress though I am worried that there are schools without elec, adsl or computer literate staff. A step back almost. – @iamTinoMurira

What do you think has happened to the $78m collected by Zinara?

Who is this who doesn’t know what happens to such money in Zimbabwe. Ask Mpofu. – @Mukoma9

Some of these ministries are ‘black holes’ where cash disappears without a trace or trail… – @Itibonks

Obviously they bought top of the range cars. Non ever went to road rehabilitation. – @lpchoto

All the money was stolen by Obert “Diamond” Mpofu. Thieves & crooks, Zanu people. – Joel Mutasa

Parallel financing of dubious activities by Zanu (PF). – @lykmoor

Maybe govt will use the money to buy expensive cars for Ministers and MPs. – @NdueKhumalo

When gvt or Zinara workers who earn $400 per month build mansions know the level of corruption. – @Mavhure

What do you think should happen to Biti, Mangoma and co?

Sikhala Sikhala watch the space. – Gibson Somerai

MDC needs to unite n stop these stupid unnecessary splits which we ve seen in the past hence making zanu pf stronger.l wonder if we are going to c another party formed from Mdc?. Zanu (PF) wil rule 4ever then. – Stanford Sibanda

Biti is irreplaceable, and MT must pass on the button to some new n capable blood as it is obvious that he will never rule, not in our life-time. – Gift Best Ndlovu

The others though shares the same views with Mangoma did not come out the way Mango ma did. After the national council gave him order not to go out to the media. He defied them and acted like a champion. If they think what happened to Mangoma is not enough we are going to see it. – Tinashe Chiweshe

President Tsvangirai is not throwing anyone out of the tent & he will never do that. But if someone applies to be thrown out of the tent like Mangoma & Maggots did, there’s nothing the MDC national council can do except to grant one’s wish. So, its up to Biti whether to apply or decide to sail together. – Joel Mutasa

We want Democracy in MDC & have a lesson to e other parties.No No to Dectatorship in MDC.How are we going to achieve our goals, when one is saying l’m MDC. – Nobert Chifamba

Inyoka idzo dzinoda mwena yakacherwa nevamwe. They must go and form their party if they are man enough. – Erasmus Chinhambu

To be shown the door which is wide open. – Ozias Mthunzi

He should swallow his pride & submit to the authority of his president to build a better Zimbabwe as one big happy family. – Benson Brown

These people should just form their party, start their own battle why confusing Zimbabweans plz stop this nonsense there are pple out there who are better than yu being Biti, Mudzuri, Mangoma or any other chap doesn’t give yu any power to derail the freedom train taneta nemadzakutsaku takakuonai kare. – Wellington Masuka

Biti, Mangoma and co must go, ngavasatipedera nguva isu toziva Tsvangirai chete. – Mistead Hwandu

Tsvangirai is more diplomatic and transparent enough to take MDC and Zim to greater level! – Irvine Mupfuri

He is being watched 1 wrong move and he is out. – MacDonald Smash Mashonga

The sad reality is many are suffering while leaders jostle for power and political space. – @cee_divine

MT has played his part and must move on. This politics of self does him/party no favours. – @teweettewoo

Sorry no comment on party politics from me, they can throttle each other for all I care. – @ResurrectZim

Those who are calling for Tsvangirai to step down are the ones who overstayed their welcome in the MDC! – Titus Chidida

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Since 1980, Zanu (PF) has used propaganda & indoctrination to control & manipulate the thougts of the Zimbabwean people so to get them to accept their belief that Zimbabwe should be ruled the elite or dominated by a superior certain ethnic group. They have underesrimated the people’s intelligence & knowledge.The radio station & TV play propaganda that only supported the Zanu-PF party. – Kenneth Baloyi

This is the only Newspaper that gives its readers a platform to express themselves. Not those other ones that disseminate propaganda. In Zimbabwe, we need restorative justice.Everything is out of control in our beloved country. There’s no rule of law. – Kenneth Baloyi

Our MATTERS OF THE HEART, Aunty! How would you advise boss lady?

But do not be late pabonde nekuti wakaneta otherwise the maid will be promoted to the position of deputy wife. – Josphat Khumalo

No. For that alone it sounds that u a good and determined mother. – Irvine Mupfuri

As long as u got tht promotion on merit wthout any sexual favours, no problem. If ur husband trusts u dnt ever try to betray tht trust. Be faithful & prayerful. Respect ur hubby always & dnt allow the maid to get closer to ur hubby. – Joel Mutasa

Amai vemba vasipo muridzi wemba ndi house maid thats why yo husband is nt complaining he is eating somewhere save yo job or yo marriage sisi. – Emmanuel Neyo Jnr Musindo

Sista just do your job, never pay atention to destructers. For as long as your hubby know wat you are doing don’t worry about who say wat. When you leave dat job the same people will have a story again. Trust your man, give respect to even your maid, don’t think the unthinkable. Jelous is driving them to look into your house, be strong get blinkers you watch were you are destined. Gud luck. – Wilmore Sibalwa

As long as you contribute finanially to the well being of your family. It’s well & good. No problem. You can keep your job.That’s if you trust your husband that he won’t sleep with your maid behind your back. – Kenneth Baloyi

Chimboshandai basa iroro muchati moshanda rimwe rekutsvaka mumwe murume futi. – Petros Ruwizhi

Do you think local rap music will survive ZBC’s bombshell?

I blame Jonathan Moyo. – Josphat Khumalo

Music is an art that is used to portray socioeconomic landscapes of the day, whether good or bad. In the liberation struggle, the music of the day reflected that too. When you hear the Chimurenga music, you can actually identify the socioeconomic ills and aspirations of that time. I can quickly quote the song Sendekera, which is still being played on ZTV. If you also watch the drama Parafini, which used to be aired on ZTV, you hear a ‘’jargon’’ called ‘ESAP’ and that reflects on the economic landscape of the day. Thus, when our little ones watch Parafini and ask what ESAP means, those of us who lived during that time would now explain how the government, in its foolishness, accepted a one size fits all policy from the IMF which killed the economy. Of course that can also be done is a positive way. We cannot grow as a nation by putting the spotlight on our merits, while deliberately avoiding our demerits. To me its cowardish. A sick person does not become well by merely denying that s/he is not sick. The issue of logos is of course understandable and is not a new thing, it has been there for as far as I know. – Clémence Machadu

umm survive? Rappers thrive on this stuff! It gives them more to spit about. – Avanza Vaile

How will you be celebrating independence day?

Relatively wise words though “MDC” comment is out of context!They have less to be worried abt. Rather its Zanu Pf which can attract investment by better policies aimes at international intergration. IMF has lamented on that and any economist,even from Mars knows thats what the gvt shld do. Long live Zim and God help my country see a better future. – Leonard Jokochoko

I’m dumbfounded to hear this coming from Zanu (PF).That is the right thing to do. But the question is, ‘Are Zimbabweans free to enjoy their freedom & exercise their right to vote for the party of their choice? I think the Smith regime was better than Mugabe’s, in that people then could whisper in the alleys & corridors without anyone eavesdropping to their conversations. They could mention Smith’s UDI or RF, with pride. But now it’s different, once anyone hear you mention Zanu (PF) this or that, the CIO or War Veterans or ordinary people are on your case. Even the army personnel, police force & civil servants are not faithful & trustworthy, for that matter. You’ll be perceived as a stooge of the Whiteman.So we cannot celebrate our freedom or independence, as we’re not totally free of any form of oppression that dishumanise&undermine us. – Kenneth Baloyi

Dear Rugare Gumbo.Please allow me to take you back to a time. Remember a negative psychological state & feelings of worry impair performance. So, for Zimbabwe, to attract direct foreign & local investments, we’ve to respect our courts, the rule of law & property rights.And most importantly, restore justice & human rights. These ethos are enshrined in our recently amended constitution.We should abolish & condemn the torture & mock executions of the opposition party supporters.These are all part of a long list of horrifying state-sanctioned acts with which huge numbers of Zimbabweans are all too familiar. If there’s a party that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the World, it’s the Zanu (PF). If anyone mention Zanu (PF), I get irritated & so outraged that I drop diplomacy.Zanu (PF), the party that I loved in the early 1970s until 2000, is out of touch with reality & ran out of ideas. Everything they do is ran along party lines. If you’re perceived to be a supporter of the opposition, you’re treated as an insignificant without any consequences. It must be added that Mr Rugare Gumbo himself is a man of integrity who is acutely aware of the dangers of a ruling party not honouring its undertakings. Zanu (PF), as an organisation should base its policy & strategy on the harsh reality they are faced with. And this reality is that we are still suffering under the policy of a revolutionary party we so loved. The party that liberated us from the yoke of oppression & repressive rule. Our struggle has reached a decisive moment.So I call upon my fellow country men & women to seize this moment so that the process towards democracy is rapid & realised. Zanu (PF) is afraid of competition. That drives them everyday to be ruthless to perceived opposition supportes. In 2000 they categorically got even with their so-called enemies by grabbing commercial farms. And this hurt our economy far more than they hurt their perceived enemies.Zanu (PF) must stop being bitter & rebellious. The European Union & the West will ease sanctions. – Kenneth Baloyi

Are you on Facebook too? Do you think it does more harm than good?

It is a waste of time & it deludes people. The most popular Senator on Facebook lost his seat in the election. – @ConorMWalsh

Facebook ruinous to personal relationshps but it has its uses. Siiigh. – @JeraAfrika

In some cases you get to know people too well. For activism- it’s overrated if not a complete waste. – @ConorMWalsh

We are in the digital age Facebook is one of the biggest most powerful marketing tools not just child’s play. – @Mambokadzi

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