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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Henry Mhlanga
Henry Mhlanga

Do you think Grace should have been given a visa to go to the EU Africa summit in Brussels?

Its a business meeting y cry 4 a @ 90. – Henry Mhlanga

EU still viewing Africa as a colony! that must be put to an end by watsoever means until they have respect for Africa and her children. – Aby M Sparksriffle Chiriva

Yes bt vanhu vanoona sokutongwa nomukadzi. – Danweath Gwanya

Kusina amai hakuendwe. – Josphat Khumalo

Do you think people should have live coverage of the Pistorius murder case – or is the media simply trying to make money out of it?

Yes, Reeva was former miss South africa & Oscar an international award winner. They are celebrites. – Danweath Gwanya

Why showing the case live, why not do that always to other cases of such matter. The media is just using this as an advantage to make profits, if those who do that make profit out of this. I say Woe to you. – Davidf Phiri

It’s public only because of who he is andTHAT sells, so even if we don’t want to know about itThe Media will force feed us. – @QueenNosipho

To admit profiting from murder wud b as tasteless as undertaker flaunting his profits. Media profited never mind wat theysay. – @MariaZest1

“Justice should be seen to be done”. Trial coverage has been educational for SA & has shown the world SA courts can be effective. – @ConorMWalsh

Yes I think the more exposure this case gets the better; we want justice for Reeva and a Life sentence for Pistorious. – Angela Botha

Do you think people born in Zimbabwe but of foreign parents should be Zimbabwean citizens?

why not. – @jbhisa

Yes. I also think aliens should be able to apply for citizenship & that dual/multiple citizenship should be legal. – @ConorMWalsh

Yes! Why not. At long last I have heard of someone gaining from having that dreadful A on their IDs. – Ann Hein

Of course they bloody should. Born in Zim. Are Zim. Only argument could be where they grew up. – @Shooting_Mike

Yes! if a person is born in Zimbabwe & identifies as Zimbabwean they should be granted citizenship. – @LivingZimbabwe

Thats gud. – Innocent Kayz

Yes. They should. – @sonikans

Yes please to dual citizenship, we’re part the global village afterall. It won’t make us less Zimbos as some think. – @QueenNosipho

It’s shameful that people born in Zimbabwe with Zimbabwean birth certificates are denied citizenship. – @PatZimbabwe

Yes! if a person is born in Zimbabwe & identifies as Zimbabwean they should be granted citizenship. – LivingZimbabwe

People have already agree dual citizenship in the new constitution. – Danweath Gwanya

If they are 18 years or older its their choice. – Charles Matorera

What do you think are the chances of Gono becoming the new Minister of Finance?

Didn’t work when Gono was the quasi Minister of Finance, running fiscal policy from central bank? – @Taffgidi

Chances are very high. – @QueenNosipho

Got a chance but the newly appointed governor of ZRB will give him tough time. Its Gonna be a Biti vs Gono situation in the GNU. – @ndlovu51

Hahaha “incalculable levels” Gono killed the economy and saved Zanu (PF). – Charles Matorera

Well said Jera, true, Mugabe rewards incompetence wth corruption bt i think Dr Gono is far much better than this street lawyer called China-mess. – Joel Mutasa

Most probable. – Nyash Manna

100% no doubt about that. Its written on the wall. – Aswad Andrew

100% chances kkk. – Obey Maurukira

Maybe After December’s Congress. – @Jackilozw29

He may do well if he stops stealing first. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Do you think people should be resettled away from the graves of their ancestors?

Seri kweguva hakuna munamato. – Danweath Gwanya

An indication perhaps of inadequate planning and forward thinking. Knock on should have been stress tested. – @iamTinoMurira

In a case like Tokwe-Mukosi there is no choice, if they care so much for their dead relatives they must rebury them because they will soon be under water, in Hwedza when Chigondo dam was constructed people moved their dead relatives to new graves. – Charles Matorera

Which laws do you think Parliament should amend?

Um. Shouldn’t ZimParly start with all those that need alignment with new Constitution? – @kubatana

No light 4 dat in Zanu. – Wilson Muchimba

Beta to change them once & for all. – Danweath Gwanya

Off the top of my head AIPA & POSA. – @ResurrectZim

Pass all the laws required by the Constitution. – @Zimbird

Constitution schedules 3, 23, 35, 39, 55, 61, 72, 86, 87, 90, 95, 97, 98, 113 AtTheVeryLeast. – @Cde_Mugabe

I regret this is an academic question – waste of time because Zanu (PF) aren’t serious about real investor friendly laws. – @DavidColtart

If Zanu (PF) were serious they would stop the indiginisation/ 51% rhetoric which scares away most investors. – @DavidColtart

It is called spoliation that fills their pockets to the detriment of the Nation. – @simaxis

We keep going round in circles, investors simply want their monies protected, not stolen! – Memory Mawere

Investors bring 100% to the table, ZanuPf brings the table. – @rcmlimited

Something preventing discrimination, abuses of property rights and a potent enforcement body for the laws we have. – @MCFNottingham

Do you think Grace is doing a good job as “ mother of the nation”?

Sally Mugabe was a real mother, when she died things turned bad for Zimbabwe! – Hon Mwamba Payne

This country & Mugabe himself could have been better off if he had married a mature lady. Bob lacks advice from his closest person, his wife & it has proved detrimental. – Bee Tee

Not to say it’s Grace’ fault, but everything seemed to go wrong since the 97 wedding. We invaded DRC – at a great cost – we printed money to pay $50,000 to each war vet and Zimdollar IMMEDIATELY tumbled. Not long after, there came that crazy business with the farms. We all know how that turned out dont we. Last month she evicted people from Mazoe kuchinaya. If I could awaken 3 people, I would bring bek Notorious BIG, Bob Marley and Sally. ”Imba mukadzi.” – Valentine Masimba

Cry for my beloved Sally. If she was still alive, the near 100th year old man would have passed the button to some1 younger. – Tapiwa Mbewe

Never. – Robert Ndlovu

“Never make a ho a housewife” – Snoop Dogg. – Shona Banda

Just when it seemed EU-Zimbabwe relations were on the mend, President Robert Mugabe – incensed by Grace’s visa denial – rebuffed the EU-Africa Brussels summit…’ Jera.

The decision to boycott the summit was ill advised & a political gaffe on the the part of the overzealous Foreign Affairs minister Mumbengegwi. We were given a platform to mend our ties with the EU. – Bee Tee

Mudhara angomirira kufa aripachigaro chete. Zve economy yedu haasisina basa nazvo. – Valentine Masimba

Interesting story Jera. First & foremost, ZRP has enough money to cater for their operations & the entire civil service salaries coz they’re reaping off motorists massively daily but unfortunately Chihuri & co. are looting all the money. Mutsvangwa must be careful coz he is deviating from Zanu policies. Zanu bliv in plunder, malice & looting so for him sing frm a different book wl only create problems for him. Very soon we wl bury him @ heroes acre. – Joel Mutasa

EDUCATION: Do you agree that is a non-negotiable right and the advancement of any country is solely dependent on the levels of education of it’s people?

Absolutely non-negotiable. – Joel Mutasa

Spirit drives e physical. – Courage Matika

Yes. – Kenneth Baloyi

How do you think Grace Mugabe feels about living in the shadow of Sally Mugabe, the Amai (Mother) of Zimbabwe?

Two worlds apart….. – De Dande

Grace should be ashamed of herself. She’s a disgrace to the nation. First & foremost, she’s a fashionist. She doesn’t care about Zimbabwean people but only cares about herself. She’s a direct opposite Sally, who used to give Robert Mugabe sound advice on how to rule a country & live by the values & civilised norms of an African Leader. – Kenneth Baloyi

Grace is not a character who cares or feel abt anything.Actually she is a rascal. For example she assault a journalist in front of the world. She would go for shopping spending millions of dollars while the whole nation is starving, so you expect a person like that to have feelings. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Kunzi mai venyika zvinoonekwa ne hunhu hwako!!Sally deserved just that, Mother Zimbabwe, kurotomoka hakusi kutaura!!! – Charles Sau Banda

Good pple are nt thr to live long. – Malcom Ray Rukainga

She feel ashamed. – Sam Man

They are just 2 different people, with different opinions. – Starvow Boroma

Good people are not wanted in that gvnnc!! – Mzamo Effort Cijimpi Tshabalala

Nothing. – Starvow Boroma

Grace has joined succession race, she is power hungry. – Joel Mutasa

Constitution: What do you think of this lack of alignment?

The NGOs are engaged. It is the MPs and the political parties which should engage with them, particularly by mobilising people to demonstrate and demand compliance with the Constitution. – Makusha Mugabe

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