What nonsense

George Charamba says Amai is your caregiver, which implies that the robust President needs a medicine dispenser cum diaper-changer. What nonsense! You’re as fit as a fiddle! Charamba must issue a retraction.


But where are we going to get funding for ZimAsset? China wants nothing to do with it. What does it mean for the country’s economy? I visited a CSC branch, recently. I found not even one cow. I would have settled for blobs of cow dung. But even that was absent. The gates were unmanned, grass grows in the driveways and the lamps have been vandalised. The registrar of companies will deregister 600 dead companies in the next quarter. Bhora mugedhe!

On Independence Day – a day that belongs to the entire nation but somehow gets monopolised by Zanu (PF)– you made a joke about Morgan Tsvangirai’s private life. ‘Leave the womanising to Tsvangirai who is expert at it.’

Sally – may her soul rest in peace – died in 1992. Your relationship with Grace began while Sally was still alive did it not? Bona is living proof. Can you really afford to take the moral high ground on the subject of extramarital wanderings, your Excellency?

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