Zim author in hunt for young talent

David Gosnold was born in Harare in 1981 and received his early education at Groombridge Primary School in Harare. Like many Zimbabwean families, the uncertainty of what lay ahead resulted in his family uprooting and heading south of the border into South Africa where they eventually settled in Durban.

He continued his education at Durban Preparatory High School and then Durban High School. It is these happy years at three such great schools to which he attributes his decision to go into teaching. Shortly after the completion of two years teaching experience at Durban Preparatory High School, his family once again decided to uproot and moved to the UK.

Gosnold finished his teaching degree specialising in Special Educational Needs and is currently the Special Needs Coordinator at one of the top primary schools in England. His second passion is writing children’s novels.

His first book Artie – A Polar Bear’s Tale – took over three years to write. Despite being aimed at children aged 8-12 it is loved by people of all ages and has recently been converted into a film script. The story revolves around a mischievous bear cub Artie, who is banished, along with his mother, from the icepack because of the mayhem he creates.

One morning the two bears awake and find themselves far out to see on an ice island that has broken away from the icepack and a storm is brewing. In the storm, Artie is washed away. He is eventually washed up on the shores of Canada, where he is found by a loveable albeit delusional moose by the name of Monty. With Monty’s help, along with the aid of a disgruntled goose by the name of Gordon, Artie is taken to an orphaned animal rescue centre, which is run by the large, kind hearted Mr Blue.

It is here Artie learns many lessons about life and consequences of actions. It is here he also develops of love for ice-hockey, which he saw on a small black and white TV at the campsite. When Artie has learned many valuable lessons, and has become a responsible young bear, Mr Blue, with the help of a park ranger by the name of Titch, find Artie a new home. The twist is, it’s with an unsuspecting family all the way on a little island called England in a big city called London.

Young Writers Competition

Ecanus Publishing, the home of Artie – A Polar Bear’s Tale, is holding a worldwide young writers competition for writers between the age of 11 and 17. The book can be any length and about anything as long as it falls into the children’s literature genre. It can be illustrated or not, it really doesn’t matter as long as it is a good, wholesome story!

The only entry requirement is that proof of purchase of Artie in either paper back or ebook is provided with the manuscript. Gosnold, along with other members of the Ecanus publishing team, will then choose a winner who will have their book designed and published globally, As Gosnold is the lead judge, he is very keen to get some more young Southern African writing talent involved! – available from www.ecanuspublishing.co.uk/shop.html

No entry form is needed, just send your story online to [email protected]

The deadline is 31 July 2014.

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