Are you prepared to pay the price for true freedom in Zimbabwe? What would you be prepared to do?

The lesson is about having the guts to stand for some principle. In June/July I was writing in this column that they shouldn’t go into an election till the basic rules laid down in the GPA were observed. If MDC-T, preferably backed by any other party, e.g Makoni’s or (I admit it’s unlikely) Welshman’s, had stood firm on that principle we’d be somewhere different now. A veteran observer and consultant to the EU told me that was what the outside world were waiting for

Joel Mutasa
Joel Mutasa

……the people of my country surprise me so much.They still think they can remove ZANU through elections?How many times have we voted?So 2018 that’s were ZANU is not going to rig elections?Going to elections with these people is a waste of time because they won’t accept defeat.So if we want change we have to use other methods……even in history I don’t remember any dictator which was removed through a ballot box. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Never will I forget wat the gukurahundi did to the ndebeles. – Mehluli Mambazo

Mugabe to pay to the Ndebele 3/4 of his wealth. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

Preparing 2018 election? We’re preparing for elections b4 2017!!. – Joel Mutasa

I will never ever forget Gukurahundi massacres. – Josphat Khumalo

Yah l m prepared for the fredom. – Theophelous Hlatshwayo

Nyaya yacho iri pama gay chete manje hativadi. – Nicholas Makwindi

Question is, what is true freedom? – @LivingZimbabwe

Zimbos cowing to oppression is a sign we arent ready to pay price for freedom. – @JeraAfrika

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