Assassin nurtures talent

Award-winning UK-based Zimbabwean Hip Hop sensation Rhyme Assassin is now nurturing Zimbabwean talent as a way of giving back to the community.

Rhyme Assassin
Rhyme Assassin

He recently partnered and helped the fast rising ‘Mr Cee’ to record his debut single track and video titled ‘Mari yang,’ which exposes how friends are few when days are dark.

“I have realized that life is about helping people around you, if you are to succeed,” said Rhyme Assassin. “I won an award just because of people like Mr Cee who always supported my projects. I remember in 2012 he stepped away from the mic and helped to manage me and I am just giving back to him as a brother. By working with him on this project I am confident that what he learns from me he will take to the grassroots as he is people oriented. We are doing this to improve the hip hop music standards in the country as we want it to go to the next level. With the experience I have I am convinced that this Mr Cee project will be a success and this is the beginning of a long journey for both of us.”

An ecstatic Mr Cee said, “There is nothing to wait for when there are people like Assassin behind you. I urge all Hip hop fans to grab their copies of this track and video as we will be releasing it this month (May). Unity is the key to success, I have worked with Assassin previously and I glad he helped me in my project as well. There are other tracks in my album I will release later this year where I featured Assassin as he expressed an interest in improving our country’s music,” added Mr Cee, whose original name is Tendai Tanga.

Born and bred in Bulawayo, Mr Cee, first made a mark in the rap industry with his debut album titled, ‘Rock wild’ which proved very popular in Harare underground with hits like Mr Cee and Break it down back in 2009.

In September 2011, he came through with Zimbabwe’s first hip hop magazine, Zim hip hop unleashed, and also held the first Zim hip hop awards.

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