Do you think members of MDC-T are likely to get so violent?

If they planned to arrest our members , this it has failed. No violence. - Robert Ndlovu

Robert Ndlovu
Robert Ndlovu

Wodzingwa basa wodzoka wosvika wodzinga boss crazy. – Kusasa Dzovani

Mwana uyu kutodzinga baba namai pamba vasipo ko iye kubva andovaka pake. – Norman Simango

No, MDC-T isn’t a violent party, Tsvangirai is a man of peace. Militant Biti is the one who is violent, thts where together wth Roy Bennett they clashed Tsvangirai. Bennett & Biti hv always wanted violence but Tsvangirai was their stumbling block. However, unfortunate remarks of violence wl only play in Zanu’s advantage of killing Biti camp members & blame it on Tsvangirai. – Joel Mutasa

Some body is making money selling red berets. – Angela Botha

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