Do you think the Zimdollar will ever make a comeback?

Only if we are able to export more than we import, YES. - Stanelas Dube

Stanelas Dube
Stanelas Dube

It will come back. As it is now the country is not raising enough revenue. It is also not easy to print foreign money. So I think the govt will bring back so that they will be able to print it. In that way there will be no shortage of money. For example the pay dates of civil servants are shifted as there is not enough money to pay them in time.Bringing it back will solve this problem. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

The worst thing is to have your currency. It gives the rulers the leeway to print more of it and fulfill the deficit. It becomes worthless in the long run. The coins less than worth a rupee are worthless in Nepal. Earlier even five paisa was in the market. Mugabe’s one of the most worthy experiment has been to scrap his own currency. It will take wind out of the sail of economic sanctions. Brilliant man. – Krishna Bhatt

I hope so … But maybe drop the dollar and create the ZimEuro x. – Samm Sammstones

It died long back, why shld it be ressurreted? Just to cause suffering, let it remain in the graveyard. – Mthokozisi Sibanda

I can’t wait to see our Zimdollar in circulation. The Zimdollar is our legal tender currency of exchange. We can’t use various foreign currencies, forever.The dollar is our system of money in general use in our country, since 1980. In future, we just need to manage our money affairs properly, not on the spur of the moment, in order to avoid the hypeinflation.And this what monetary management & target inflation is all about. To know all is forget all. Knowledge learned & used sticks into the mind. And all this superpowerful thought or saying will help us in any way. I can’t wait to hear Zimbabweans saying, “We don’t owe an inch in Europe & America. So, them keep their currency we will keep our Zimdollar”. – Kenneth Baloyi

There is no economic growth and we are victims of consumerism the question is what value rating would it come at? Or rather will our economy be viable anytime soon? – Mark Kabanzi

Not as long as bob is stl our president. – Andile Vodloza Mdawini

Yes and at this rate we might need it as soon as yesterday! Leverage!!! – Juma Zion Jediah Suberi

Why not? Yes, of course, the dollar is our system of currency in general use in our country since 1980. Our Zimdollar is our legal tender currency. I can’t wait to see our Zimdollar in circulation. I do hope & pray that we have learned a lot for the past 16 years (from 1998 to date) when our currency depreciated & our economy took a downturn. And this what monetary management & target inflation is all about. Superior knowledge to a trade exchange. – Kenneth Baloyi

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