Do you think we should let the Chinese re-vamp our infrastructure?

The Chinese are raping the land .. wake up! - Antoinette Dick

Antoinette Dick
Antoinette Dick

Big Nooo!!! We dnt need chinese here coz they’re an extension of Zanu (PF). We need USA, UK, France & all western powers, serious investors. – Joel Mutasa

No, Chinese are only intetested in enrihing themselves & their own country. I’ve not heard any country in Africa, the Chinese have helped to develop. The Chinese are good at producing fabric & textile materials. – Kenneth Baloyi

We can re-vamp our own infrastructure, rather they should revive the industrial sector thus creating employment and boosting the economy. – Blessing Makweche

Chinese must go to HELL! I wonder who let them in our country. – @CGlowen

I have no objection per se so long as they do it properly, at a fair price, using Zimbabwean labour and expertise. – @DavidColtart

Our infrastructure is ancient I would prefer we have local companies do it but if that’s what it will take to have it done. – @Gr8Zimbabwe

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