Electorate will see writing on wall in 2018

EDITOR - Zanu (PF) will be a very different party in 2018 after Mugabe’s departure. He has been the glue that has been holding the party together. Both factions respect him, even though they do not quite like him.

Electoral reforms being mooted, which will allow at least a million Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to vote, will throw Zanu (PF) out.

To make matters worse, while Mugabe managed to rig the 2013 and previous elections, it is proving difficult for him to rig the economy. We read regularly about company closures, operational losses, disinvestment, unemployment etc.

Zimbabweans will realise that they were cheated by the fake cheques displayed by Mugabe and Kasukuwere in the run-up to the elections, and will be convinced beyond doubt that anything Zanu (PF) says is false. To reverse the indigenisation programme, which was its campaign message in order to prop up the economy, will also work against Zanu (PF), so either way, that party will be punished dearly by the electorate in 2018. – Kennedy Kaitano, Mutare

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