Hendrick does wonders with his hands

Zimbabwean-born Hendrick Chebanga, 27, can make anything with his hands. He works on the outskirts of Pretoria and is a marvel to watch when he starts the job he loves most. He started doing art when he was a teenager back in his home country, where he used to put food on the table for his whole family through his handiwork.

Artist Hendrick Chebanga.
Artist Hendrick Chebanga.

Chebanga told The Zimbabwean: “I love doing art – especially now that I’m matured and I can do anything with my hands ranging from building houses, furniture and sculptures.”

People in South Africa have been attracted by his latest achievement of making police vans and various commercial vehicles. “One night I had a dream of making a big truck, when I woke up in the next morning I just picked up my tools and started making it. The truck is one of the unique arts designs I have made since childhood,” said Chebanga.

He starts by drawing objects and then he makes them. He dreams of becoming a recognised artist and his ambition is to sell his work in museums and offices for display and decoration. He wants the police van he has made to be displayed at the police head office. At the moment Hendrick is working on a bus and he plans to make remote-controlled car, an aeroplane and a train with a railway line.

“As soon as I raise the funds I want to create things I can control with a remote,” he said.

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