MDC-T proceeding with recalling Biti and other ‘rebels’

The MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai is proceeding with recalling its expelled Secretary General, Tendai Biti and other party Members of Parliament who rebelled to form the Renewal Team.

Jacob Mudenda
Jacob Mudenda

A statement issued by the MDC Changing Times said Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, had left the door open for the MDC to exercise its power of recall according to Chapter 129 (K) of the Constitution.

“The party is going to proceed with recalling those members of Parliament that no longer belong to us,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further noted that Mudenda had not made a ruling endorsing Biti’s position, neither had it ruled that Biti was the sole communicator with Parliament.

According to the statement, MDC-T was happy that Mudenda had educated Biti that in circumstances where he intends to overturn and overthrow an obtaining legal order, Parliament was not the appropriate platform.

Mudenda made the ruling following submissions to Parliament by warring MDC-T factions, that the Speaker of Parliament endorse a position believed by either party as constitutionally correct.

Biti wrote to the Speaker seeking Parliamentary declaration that MDC-T as a party had no power of recall and an endorsement that he (Biti), was the only legitimate person to write to Parliament from the party for a recall.

The Tsvangirai faction also wrote to Parliament “clarifying that the legal position propounded by Biti was incorrect, as at the time the MDC had not exercised its right of recall,” the statement said.

Biti’s camp on the other hand was celebrating Mudenda’s ruling, saying it vindicated Biti’s position that Tsvangirai had no powers to recall the MPs.

Spokesperson for the Renewal Team, Jacob Mafume, said: “We are now proceeding with the tribunal to determine Tsvangirai and other suspended officials’ cases.”

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