MPs from Biti's splinter group should prepare for re-election

A day before the Sipepa Nkomo/Biti led splinter group had their bogus National Council to suspend Tsvangirai, Khupe and others, word was already going round on social media that Biti had been given assurance by President Mugabe that the MPs from that group would retain their seats in parliament. It was no surprise, therefore, when the bogus council meeting mandated Tendai Biti to write to parliament seeking protection for their MPs and Councilors who they rightly feared were to be recalled by th

Tendai Biti
Tendai Biti

If it is at all true, Mugabe may have based his promise to protect the MPs and councilors on the hope that Sipepa Nkomo/Biti's meeting was going to make a quorum. If they go back ask for Mugabe's support in this regard with the situation as it is now, through the parliament or through the courts or any other platform for that matter, their argument will not hold water because whoever is making the decision will base it on the facts around the authenticity of the two council meetings. Whoever rules in favour of Biti risk their professional reputation and could be dragged before the Anti-Corruption Commission. To want to continue the option Biti has taken is just to further embarrass the parliamentarians who are involved.

Mugabe seeing that Biti's argument is not defendable, will use the opportunity to try and make inroads into enemy territory, and will instruct Parliament, and the courts to turn down Biti’s appeal.

Moreover, Tendai Biti blundered when he reminded the electorate in his published letter to Parliament on the right of direct recall of elected officials by the citizenry. Zanu PF and the mainstream MDC could then ask their members in the respective constituencies to petition parliament for the recall of Biti and his colleagues. The MPs in question, rather than rely on the courts to stay in parliament must start their campaigns to defend their territory by going to their respective constituencies to campaign for the inevitable by-elections.

What Biti and his team must know is that they could have been infiltrated as evident from the fact that their plan to write to parliament was made public before they even had their "Council" meeting. The obvious suspects for the infiltration would be Zanu PF, the CIO and the mainstream MDC led by Tsvangirai. Zanu PF obviously wants to weaken its opponents and take advantage of the infighting that happens in opposition parties, while the mainstream MDC may also want to get some inside information as to what is being planned and will plant some of their own into the forming group to gather information and make the plans public as in this case.

There may have been a plan unknown to Biti and others to give them a false sense of support, only to find that people start selling out the secrets while some will develop cold feet at the last hour. That could be how in the end the meeting at Mandel Training Centre was attended by only 33 eligible eligible persons who did not constitute a quorum.

Welcome to the world of real politics, Tendai Biti. Learn from the blunders that you have made so far, sniff out the sell-outs from your party, remain with the real committed cadres, and no matter how few you are, strategise and you may probably come up with the magic formula that will remove Zanu PF from power in 2018, but start with a thorough preparation for the forthcoming by-elections.

Good luck

Kennedy Kaitano

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