Please give us a break Morgan

EDITOR - The story doing the round that Zanu (PF) is behind the plot to remove Morgan Tsvangirai as the leader of the MDC gives the impression that the party does not want to face the hard facts on why there should be renewal in the party.


For years Tsvangirai has been blaming every mistake that he makes on Zanu (PF) and Robert Mugabe. Last week, he was quoted in the media claiming that he was now financially broke and blaming Mugabe.

This is the same person who abused government funds when he was the Prime Minister – going on holiday outside the country with women of questionable characters. This is the same man who helped himself to a lavish wedding when the people of Zimbabwe were looking at him to solve the country’s economic woes. This is the same man who used millions of MDC funds to settle his maintenance and personal court battles.

Instead of accepting that he lacks financial prudence, Tsvangirai blames Zanu (PF) and Mugabe for spending money that was meant to benefit the people of Zimbabwe.

If ever he was to be the next President, how could he turn around the fortunes of this country when he is incapable of managing his own finances?

Now Tsvangirai and his team have been claiming Zanu (PF) and Welshman Ncube are behind the calls for leadership renewal in his party, when it is clear that the calls are being made by MDC supporters because of their displeasure at his leadership qualities.

The people of Zimbabwe are aware that our elections have been stolen since 2000 and agree with Tsvangirai that Mugabe, Zanu (PF) and the Central Intelligence Organisation were responsible for the rigging.

However, Tsvangirai should not take us for granted. It is wrong for him to make false claims that every mistake he makes can be blamed on Mugabe, Zanu (PF) and the CIO. The frequent use of Zanu (PF) as scapegoats will not help him at all. – Tawanda Mhonda, Harare

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