RENAMO resumes ambushes on Save-Muxungue road

After a hiatus of about four months, gunmen of the former rebel movement Renamo have resumed ambushes against convoys travelling along Mozambique’s main north-south road, on the stretch between the Save river and the small town of Muxungue in the central province of Sofala.

Alfonso Dhlakama
Alfonso Dhlakama

According to a report on the independent televisions station STV, on Saturday morning a Renamo group attacked the first convoy of the day heading south from Muxungue. Two men, two women and a child, all of them civilians, were injured in the ambush. All the injured were taken to the Save health post, in the neighbouring province of Inhambane.

According to the spokesperson for the Sofala Provincial Police command, Daniel Macuacua, the attack took place at about 08.00. The convoy, which was under military escort, came under fire between the area of Zove and the Ripembe river, and one vehicle was hit.

Macuacua added that on Friday a military vehicle in Gorongosa district came under attack when it was returning after resupplying one of the units of the defence and security forces.

Macuacua guaranteed that the government forces will continue their defensive actions in Sofala, since they are well aware that Renamo units are moving across the province in order to launch fresh attacks against military and civilian targets.

The Saturday ambush came a day after Antonio Muchanga, the spokesperson for Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama threatened to unleash an offensive on a national scale.

His justification was that government forces were supposedly concentrating in Gorongosa, in order to “liquidate physically” Afonso Dhlakama

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