Sibanda keeps rhumba alive

Bekithemba Sibanda, a member of the group of late rhumba icon Nduna Nduz Malax Malaba, keeps the flag flying for rhumba followers in Zimbabwe and around the globe.

Affectionately called Mthimbani in music circles, he believes his tour to Algeria had a huge impact in his music career – even though he spent most of his time last year on the side-lines due to ill health.

But he’s now back in the studio working on his third album called Nansi Ndoda. “My tour to the north Africans taught me new tricks of how to compose quality songs. I learnt a lot about how to assemble and combine different instruments and I want to pass that knowledge on to the younger generation,” he said in a recent interview.

The Matopo-born artist said his new album, due out next month, talks about his life and his illness. He paid tribute to his mentor and father in music, Ndux Malax. “Today I have conquered the sickness that almost destroyed my career, I want to thank all those who have been supportive and encouraged me to take to the stage again.”

The man behind Mthimbani Sound Blasters’ success said musicians must take advantage of modern sophisticated instruments.

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