Water problems out of hand

EDITOR - The water situation in Zimbabwe seem to be getting out of hand as most suburbs are running dry or have dried up already. Most areas such as Eastlea, Belvedere, Highfields and Hatfield have been hit hard as they have gone for years with running water from the taps.

The situation is now a ticking time bomb as diseases such as typhoid and cholera have been reported in some of the areas. A few weeks ago cholera claimed lives of around 50 innocent children. The Zanu (PF) led government seems clueless when it comes to solving these life threatening issues. Mugabe’s cabinet seems good only at spending tax money on luxury vehicles for the ministers and holidays for Mugabe and his family in Malaysia – while the general public is suffering.

Diamond revenue has been channeled to fund only Zanu (PF) interests. Most of the money collected from the diamonds has been used to keep Mugabe and his cronies in power. Victims of Tokwe Mukosi flooding have been neglected which shows how heartless the government has become. The amount of water lost to broken pipes in and around Harare is much more than what is being supplied. Lack of planning and foresight shows how Zanu (PF) has failed the people of Zimbabwe. We cry for clean water and proper sanitation. We cry for our motherland. – Ephraim Chinana, London

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