Watyoka to perform at Carnival Comedy Night

Afro-pop jazz sensation, Tina Watyoka is billed to make a guest appearance during the Carnival Comedy Night, marking her debut role in a comedy set.

Tina Watyoka
Tina Watyoka

Watyoka will be sharing the stage with some of Harare’s greatest comics at the Book Café on Thursday night.

The program is part of the ongoing Harare International Carnival that exploded tino life in the capital today (Thursday).

“As a musician, it is not going to be an easy task deviating a bit from the musical side but it is always interesting to test my flexibility and I am working on polishing up my act at the moment,”

Watyoka said during an interview with The Zimbabwean.

“I am excited and nervous at the same time about the event because it’s a huge opportunity that I need to maximize on and boost my fan base and market myself,” She added.

Currently enjoying measurable success with her latest album Ndoita Sei, Watyoka says she is currently working on a video on one of the songs on this project, as well as building a brand that is appealing and truly Zimbabwean.

“I am building a versatile brand that caters for all. It is family music in simpler terms. My music is a bit up tempo, fused with a jazz touch blended with Zimbabwean rhythms to give a different timbre and I like to call I afro pop jazz and this is exactly how I want to mold it”.

Currently studying for a degree in Music and Musicology at the Midlands State University, Watyoka attributes her musical success to some of the experienced she attained working with some of Zimbabwe’s high profile musicians.

To date she has worked with the likes of Alexio Kawara, Victor Kunonga , Busi Ncube and Mono Mukundu and the late Chiwoniso Maraire.

“I have learnt a lot from these guys and acquired lessons on how to define myself and my music. Working with these guys has also taught me to being humble and that experience has had a huge influence on my career,” she said.

Meanwhile, Watyoka’s guest appearance during the comedy night marks her first participation at the carnival, which has seen 21 countries participate at this event.

There will certainly be so much happening every night as multitudes of carnival followers will jostle to catch the fun in the streets together with local and international acts set to showcase several diverse activities and cultures.

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