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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Robert Ndlovu
Robert Ndlovu

Do you think members of MDC-T are likely to get so violent?

If they planned to arrest our members , this it has failed. No violence. – Robert Ndlovu

Wodzingwa basa wodzoka wosvika wodzinga boss crazy. – Kusasa Dzovani

Mwana uyu kutodzinga baba namai pamba vasipo ko iye kubva andovaka pake. – Norman Simango

No, MDC-T isn’t a violent party, Tsvangirai is a man of peace. Militant Biti is the one who is violent, thts where together wth Roy Bennett they clashed Tsvangirai. Bennett & Biti hv always wanted violence but Tsvangirai was their stumbling block. However, unfortunate remarks of violence wl only play in Zanu’s advantage of killing Biti camp members & blame it on Tsvangirai. – Joel Mutasa

Some body is making money selling red berets. – Angela Botha

MUGABE CAN NOW SEE! President Robert Mugabe has expressed shock at the state of Zimbabwe’s roads. “Let’s put a bit of cement, resurface them.” Roads are built with tar, gravel and sand. “A bit of cement” indeed! Jera

So, all this time he wsn’t seeing it yet he claims to be head of everything. What a shame !! – Joel Mutasa

Wabirwa mota woitsvaga muWallet. – Erasmus Chinhambu

Zvino kana migwagwa yakaipa ikoko kokuno kumaruwa? Vana vakaona grader vanotiza. – Reuben Gavi

What do you think of Joice Mujuru speaking out about her husband’s infidelity years after his death?

The truth is just standing there and everyone knows the truth but people are scared to say it. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Vaurayi ndozvavanoita apa kusanyara kupomera chitunha chisisa mupinduri ivo varikuitei. – Sheilar Mashapa

Joice Mujuri is a lier, and untrusted.she wants to gain political popularity over a dead body. – @Mkhumukeni

Do you think people should be allowed to live underneath power lines?

If they lived before those were erected they are OK.They should be compesated then be relocated to another place.But if they found those powerlines,they should not be allowed to live there. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

Handiti vakabhosiyiwa vachivaka saka nhasi chaipa chii kana vachivanzwira tsitsi ngavavakire somewhere kana vapedza vovabvisa. – Bernadettie Miko

Better a powerline hovel than homelessness. They shld stay while gvt builds them houses. – @JeraAfrika

Are you prepared to pay the price for true freedom in Zimbabwe? What would you be prepared to do?

The lesson is about having the guts to stand for some principle. In June/July I was writing in this column that they shouldn’t go into an election till the basic rules laid down in the GPA were observed. If MDC-T, preferably backed by any other party, e.g Makoni’s or (I admit it’s unlikely) Welshman’s, had stood firm on that principle we’d

be somewhere different now. A veteran observer and consultant to the EU told me that was what the outside world were waiting for. (I suspect he spoke of AU as well as EU) They wouldn’t save us, but we’d know we weren’t alone when we made the next move. I admit I weakened before the election and said if they insist on going for an election, then the more people who vote, the more difficult they will find it to rig.Maybe that shows I can sympathise with Morgan’s reluctance to take a stance that will get other people killed, but that takes us into another debate. – Magari Mandebvu

……the people of my country surprise me so much.They still think they can remove ZANU through elections?How many times have we voted?So 2018 that’s were ZANU is not going to rig elections?Going to elections with these people is a waste of time because they won’t accept defeat.So if we want change we have to use other methods……even in history I don’t remember any dictator which was removed through a ballot box. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Never will I forget wat the gukurahundi did to the ndebeles. – Mehluli Mambazo

Mugabe to pay to the Ndebele 3/4 of his wealth. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

Preparing 2018 election? We’re preparing for elections b4 2017!!. – Joel Mutasa

I will never ever forget Gukurahundi massacres. – Josphat Khumalo

Yah l m prepared for the fredom. – Theophelous Hlatshwayo

Nyaya yacho iri pama gay chete manje hativadi. – Nicholas Makwindi

Question is, what is true freedom? – @LivingZimbabwe

Zimbos cowing to oppression is a sign we arent ready to pay price for freedom. – @JeraAfrika

Do you think Zanu (PF) should scrap its indigenisation policy?

The implementation of this so called Indigenisation policy is like trying to put out fire with a flammable substance. Hence, the onus lies on the old party to do away with it. – Godfrey Zimba

Obvious! – James Balzer

YES. – Varsha Khosla

Indigenisation prevents first time investor from investing on Zimbabwe. Too risky. – @Jorge_Perth

How long do you think it will take for attitudes towards women to change in Zimbabwe?

Killing a wife is called femicide; killing a mother=matricide. – Angela Botha

True how long shall women sufer because of love. – Nancy Mudzingwa

Shocking! And our society & police still tolerates this & makes all kinds of lame excuses for the abusers. – Emelia Sithole-Matarise

What do you think is the way forward for the MDC – should they split again?

Shuld MDC-T alow these rebels back. They wl bring instability to the party to the dead end. – James Musa

Mr Magaya thus GOOD but u should suspend yr TWO comit members and start clean work.Not 4getng that Mangome, Kwanenze, lasty etc remain on list. Mbiti should stop empty rallies upto october. – Pee Ngwena

Hahahahahahaaha u think u can rule Zimbabwe when u can’t keep yr own party this will the forth in one decade who knows maybe u want 2 divide Zimbabwe. – Memory Ngwenya

This is good. Dialogue is the answer to reconciation. – Kenneth Baloyi

Thz gyz wer nt beaten thoroughly dats y thy behave in a childish manner. – Albert Tsambayi

No talks. – Edson Sithole

The Guardian Council is a funny lot. One of their member is one of the rebels or have they forgotten that? So Mr Magaya shut up and please sit down. – Maclass Jowera Mapanga

No negotiations pliz! Biti and company must go, that’s all! – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

Mwana wenyoka inyoka. – Memory Mawere

Politics is a game of perception. What politicians may intended for the people to believe may be perceived differently. What I am certain about is people can see the circus and are capable of making their own judgement even if politicians may think the voters are supine invertebrate jelly fish. Zimbabweans are not stupid! Maybe change of leadership is due but doing so Nicodimusly is counter productive. MDC should show that it is mature enough to conduct a grown up debate about leadership issues publicly, transparently and with dignity. The entire party membership should also be given a say because of the gravitiy of the issue. What has happened will only help to confuse the otherwise organically legitimate transformation of leadership. Many of us thought MDC had learnt what NOT to do by observing the ruling party’s shortfalls. I guess not. Waita mukuhlwane wabata ma-party eshe ere akiti woye! To say the least, many are certainly dissapointed by this extraordinary development and the manner with which this important issue has been approached. Good people, we need to grow up! – Samuel Pachawo Dhlamini

No need for dialogue. The rebels will betray the party if they are forgived. They should go, the party will always be strong even if they are fired. These rebels are fighting against the will of the people. Well the split is not good. But they should go, they are not loyal and trustworthy. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

Hey, u shld say MDC rebels who staged unsuccessful coup. However, we dnt wnt reconciliation, let Biti & rebels go for gud. Gud riddance. – Joel Mutasa

Purposeful dialogue may have some effect, but the current position seems increasingly untenable long term. – @MCFNottingham

Rebels must go for good. They will sabotage us next time, no no no no no go Biti go! – Wellington Tinaye Matutu

The MDC needs a restart. can’t afford another split. – @ibmatteu

They should all go & jump in a lake. They spend more time toppling each other than opposing Mugabe. A bad international joke. – @ConorMWalsh

No spliting this tym smeone has to go. – Mehluli Mambazo

Greed individuals. – Foreman Hove

Mbanje, bronco sold in broad daylight.

Making money make sense who will police the police. – Andrew Sithole

Why don t you legalise it and make medicinal marijuana and cannabis oil. – Angela Botha

Haaaa…..chasara ndechekut ma tanganyika auye ne nyaope…….kuti muzoona kut mapurisa aku relaxa……who knows pamwe yatoko. – Takunda Nyamasvisva Pasipamire

Might this prompt a relocation. – Panayis Zambellis

Even if certain drugs are legalised people will still abuse them. Beer is sold legally yet people still abuse alcohol. In S.A you dont need a prescription to buy BRONCLEER yet people still abuse the cough syrupy..Its about the CODEINE drug substance in the cough mixture. Just go to CapeTown station hawuvapedzi maZimbo anorohwa ne Bronco. – Paul Walter Badze

Whatsapp COMMENT: ‘I am worried about the goings on in MDC-T. Who is the crowd puller between Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti?…”

UNITY. – Ann Hein

Immature arguments… stop dreaming, unit amongst MDC ssss is impossible. – Aby M Sparksriffle Chiriva

Some of the formations are ploys to poise for top positions when a united front is called for each one wants to negotiate as president of a certain party. – Mark Kabanzi

We dnt need people like Biti & Welshman in any united opposition front. Tsvangirai wl win even if there more than ten presidential candidates as long as election is free & fair. – Joel Mutasa

I would like to echo,Mr Maxwell Chimoto Mhlanga’s sentiments. Yes, you’re right. I agree with you. If the MDCs want to unseat Zanu-PF, they’ve to unite. They shouldn’t have to be at each other’s throats.No. But, unite & work for the common goods. This intra-party infighting & factionaliasm would take us nowhere. I don’t think anyone in his right state of mind would like to see the party being the skunk of the world. This leadership coup by the so-called Leadership Renewal team is very unfortunate & unwarranted.The Leadership Renewal team must be condemned by the possible strongest terms. This is a disgrace to the democratic movement. And it’s against the fundamental principles & values of what the MDC-T embodies. – Kenneth Baloyi

Stupid young boys who are politicaly immature. – Thomas Primrose

let’s unseat Zanu (PF) first then renew leadership in MDC asap! – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

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