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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Do you think the new constitution can make a difference in Zimbabwe today?

Only if practical rules are followed properly. – Danweath Gwanya

Yes – Tonderai Chikwiri Yes

A constitution can be just as good as the culture of the governing & governed people. – @mukasiri

it is the people and their leaders who make it a living document.- @AlbertGumbo

there's a new constitution? – @mbadaoan

It does not make any differences, since the government refuses to abide by some of it's provisions. – @lykmoor

Do you think Strive Masiyiwa would make a good president of Zimbabwe?

The main problem with African politics and politicians is that they are poor. They get into politics to make money, most of them are not business people in their own right. Even if they are business people those businesses are usually not very successful or are total failures. Strive breaks that mould because he has succeeded, Econet Wireless Zim turnover was more than USD700 million, has paid more than US900 million in taxes. Entrepreneurship requires vision and the ability to execute the vision. You will not succeed if you surround yourself with losers,thugs,thieves etc.

In that sense Strive has the traits to become a good president because he has the proven abilities to manage and can therefore manage the govt and the economy. He knows how to create wealth and will therefore help create wealth for the country. He is "rich" therefore does not need to steal and logically is incorruptible?? He appears to be a God fearing man and therefore he would make a principled politician. The afore mentioned is conjecture but the truth is that all the above does not appeal to the African voter. Besides all is not usually what it seems he may turnout to be the worst leader yet. – Rutilio Usayi

Good question, I must hasten to say! Firstly, allow me to declare pecuniary interests. Strive was my classmate for several years of my primary school years at St. John's Convent school, in Kitwe, Zambia, many, many moons ago! I still have indelible memories of his brilliant intellect and creativity even from those youthful days. I have retained a lot of respect for him for those characteristics and his achievements in life.

I remain unsurprised by many of his admirable achievements later in life because success, in my humble opinion, was not only written in his personality but with parents such as his, he had no choice but to pursue success with rigorous tanacity and vigor as he has done in his life to date. He still inspires and strikes me as a disciplined and perservering strong minded individual who respects hard work. He has made it his business to harness and nurture talent where ever he spots it regardless of social, ethnic, sexual and other backgrounds which a true national leader is expected to do.

Now, allow me to indulge in the belief that modern politics the world over desperately hungers for such people, especially in a country such as ours that has seen the wanton rape and distruction of resources, and blatant unbriddled abuse of power to deplorable and sickening proportions largely to the benefit of a privileged few. I am not sure where I could place Strive in the heirachy of national leadership. What I am willing to risk my bottom dollar on are his self-evident organisational and leadership abilities and statesmanship-like attributes; his hunger for meaningful development cultured in a just and democratic environment and nurtured by the desire to create wealth through fair means sanctioned by Christian faith.

To be honest, I would much rather prefer a personality of his discription and a leader of his credentials to be in charge of a country I would wish my grandchildren to inherit than that of most of those who are currently aspiring to occupy the highest leadership position of that land of my fathers which lies in near ruin today. Call it what you will but this is my humble and honest opinion about the man, and dare I say my response to the question you hereby pose. I am sure I am not alone in this dream. – Samuel Pachawo Dhlamini

Depends with the party – Stanelas Dube

Mr Masiyiwa is a succesful business mogul but this does not mean that he can also be succesful in politics. – Godfrey Zimba

At this point in time,anyone will do beta thn Mugabe in terms of economic leadership – Phuti Nothando

Business skills & political qualities are different things ie water & oil. – Danweath Gwanya

Maybe! ……Maybe Not……he is without doubt a man with a vision but a country cannot be managed as same as a company………….but through God everthing is possible – Takunda Nyamasvisva Pasipamire

Part haisapotwe ne mari inosapotwa ne vanhu Biti arikufunga kuti akaisa munhu ane mari kuti ave President we part Tsvangirai achashaya support isu hatidi mari tinoda mutungamiri anoziya zvaanoita Chisa Tsvangirai Chisa tiripo isu kuoma kana kureruka tinewe usatyityidzirwe ramba wakashinga – Beautynhira Nhira

No, not in Zimbabwe. What with people like Biti back-biting you at every turn. Maybe in another country.- Maclass Jowera Mapanga

May be minister of industry and commerce – Andrew Chagumaira

yes we need leaders who are business minded they can have good economic ideas. not teachers and trade unionists – Blaz John

No because Econet robs Peter to pay Paul. – Huggla Caprice

If he comes with a mission to turn around the economy which is what matters the most at present to the common man, then he may be the right guy for two terms. – Mariah Tsakeni Makwara

As a Social and Economic Minister. I wouldn't mind – Lloyd Machemedze Lmac

Strive is just a successful and principled business man who has no direct role in zim politics……..- Alois Guzha

Alois Guzha
Alois Guzha

No, i believe he is a good businessman, that does not translate into a good Politician. – Diana Dovee Phiri

Yes…the guy understands economics very well, an area where Zim leaders lack, and he is well ahead in international relations. – Gain Sibanda

maybe jas maybe, politics is totaly different from running a business, some said so bout tsvangirai but now think differently – Benard Gambe

establishing and running a business is different form politics – @Captain_gift

he will suffer the same fate as Welshman, Mutambara and Makoni. They are all very smart politicians but – @Captain_gift

Cult leaders brought hunger, inflation & unemplymnt. Strive brot fones, internet, banking & scholarshps to rurals- @JeraAfrika

Masiyiwa is not a politician. He will struggle & fail outrightly like many businessmen before him – @Taffgidi

Imported leaders never work. Remember Arthur Mutambara? – @gidi_gabriel

My feeling is that the probability is half. Running a company is very different – @gidi_gabriel

He may do but from what I hear he is not interested in the job or says he is not? – @ConorMWalsh

Would you vote for Tendai Biti as president?

Gara zviya Biti i road, imba, kana kuti ipurazi. Chii chaicho chinonzi biti ichi – Tauzeni Mushawidi

Paul Sonny Mtatabikwa Kana handirwari – Paul Sonny Mtatabikwa Kana handirwari

Biti, after failing to lead the MDC-T negotiating team to success, cannot claim to be better than MT. It's collective failure. To then turn against MT in such a way – it's a NO vote. – Laiton Mkandawire

Ndika vhotera Tendai biti ndinenge ndachora kodzera yangu – Lovemore Zhou

No, he's not transparent – Irvine Mupfuri

A big No! He failed to remove Tsvangirai from both Harvest House& @ the helm of the party.If his strategy failed @ party level ,hw can he will be successful in pushing Mugabe out of STATE HOUSE. – Mudavanhu Gitsa

I find it hard,I had respect n admiration for Mr biti,I jus pray God u show our people light.,we have suffered too long – Edward Kadzere

Ishiri ipi kana imhukai zviya inonzi biti Ah ko ivo varidzi venyika Gushungo baba vedu vanenge vamboendepi zviya – Beaulah Muza

Old wine always taste gud in terms of matuarity.Trust and obey him .takuda politics than God.Biti?- Emmanuel Frank

Tsvangi aikunda sei iye aishanda neMBITI inonzi BITI kana kwedu kwaMrewa hatidi kukuona uri squater ZIMBITI – Polite Mudimu

Kwakutoti Tendai Biti for president wezimbabwe zvinoitawo here izvozvo kutoshaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zviri kufamba sei – Washington Ruziwa

nxaaa ndipe mvura ndimwe zvangu. – Clemence Dhuvuro

Vese na Tsvangirai wake havakodzeri kutonga ngyika vapfana ava, ngavaende kure, Nyika ndeya baba Chatunga nekuzara kwayo, – Simbarashe Piroro Mandla

masasanwa aro wakakuyambutsa ndiyani izvezvi wanota wavekuda kuenda pamusoro paMorgan nxaa ndaramba hazviite never – Enerty Dube

The question should be would you vote for Tsvangirai again of which my answer is no. As for Biti my answer is a BIG YES. – Huggla Caprice

I would rather spoil e ballot! – Morgan Stole

no haana kurongeka, maybe ambokwenya mayrs sa tsvangirai – Lloyd Mcfaden Cid Mutopo

The devil u kno is better.Vamwe vakacheuka nekuda ukuru. Our struggle is on constitutionally voting off our enermy inspite of who dd wat.Focus on the struggle itimidation greedness and stealing of votes are the loopholes to be sealed..- Takawira Pati

A sell out power hungary Biti, Mutambara, Ncube, what a waste of education let down Zimbabweans at large not Tsvangirai alone but Zimbabwe – William Muringayi

Mugabe once said to prof Moyo education without wisdom is nothing.Today Tsvangirai is telling Biti the same words.what a wild world. – Patrick Mambondiani

He is bttr than mugabe – Reginald Wellington

An enemy of he people's revolution, he betrayed our trust, nex, nooooooooo!!!!!! – Clarence Mhungu

Never,,, kana kusisina vekuvhotera ma vote acho ngaaregerwe tobva taziva kuti Zimbabwe yava nherera pane kuvhotera Mbiti – Ruramai Mhesano

Ngaatange ati yake inonzi MDC-B kwete kubvuta T waMorgiza – Martin Mpofu

Eeendatimbomupao mukana tione Morgan akazama akakonewa – Newton Huntuza

Tendai Biti is a true democrat with out fear or favor i will stand by his side even when facing iminet death god bless the renewal team – Theophilous Moyo

Godifiri godza Huni toita zvatoda kudyiwa kwa Save ndo kurikuita kuti tiva votere uye havana kudyiwa vakabirirwa pachena nekuda kwa Biti mutengesi saka hatiite zvaunoda shamwari – Sekuru Bman

Why would i vote for a learned coward ,traitor ,power hungry nuisance – Tendekai Kutsanzira Zviuya

Thot this boy is educated but uuumm a big NO – Thomas Ruvengo

No Not with the way he has tried to muscle in on the presidential seat.Handidi mbavha. – Bernard Sigauke

Yes….. why not. Is he not human to be voted- De Dande

Yes I would, Biti"s history is there for us to see, in the 80s he organised the University of Zimbabwe strikes against ZANU PF and it's corruption, he then defended Ndabaningi Sithole and Margaret Dongo against ZANU, he is a human rights lawyer who has worked for the UN , he helped start up the NCA and MDC and he is financially stable. he was also a very good Finance Minister in the GNU….he has my vote any day. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR MORGAN AGAIN – Martin Machunga

Hell Noooooooo. Vapfanha ava havazive uye hava dzidze. Kuti MDC kuti Tsvangirai. Wther Tsvangirai wacho imboko kana kuti chigaba ndiyo MDC yacho. Mbiti hauzivikanwe dzikama. – Memory Desmond

Yes ofcoz, as Mafia President not president of my Zimbabwe. I'll ony vote for Tsvangirai as Zimbabwe's president. – Joel Mutasa

Is it Biti or Mbiti? Nekuti Gumbura wakasungwa apa arikupazha zvakaipa, uku bhazi Kubvoruno rafira muroad, manje ini ndichangosvikawo neGreyhound yaVharazipi, Zuma akawina maerections? zvino zvikoro zvazviri kuvhurwa apa Dembare irikutamba bhinzi. Ndabva ndatoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba cei? – Emmanuel Ngwenya

He is competent enough to run the ministry of finance not the nation plus haana any liberation war credential so he is a sellout.- Tindall Ruka WekwaNedziwe

At least better than them all !!!! – Elastos Ngadya

I doubt very much despite that I totally agree with him on leadership renewal. A personality who is far off better than all contenders to be president is non other than Simba Makoni. – Farai Madyauta

no, he is power hungry this guy, equally dictatorial like many others, hr failed to negotiate in his former party's favour, so how would he be to dislodge the same opponents this time, he had & has hidden motives I dont waste my vote for him – Francis Gumbu

David Ndinashe Makumbe In His book. 'For the people' Maurice Nyagumbo said the struggle for Zimbabwe was delayed as every time a political party was formed people would look for an intellectual to lead the party, yet their doctrine differed with that if the struggle. For me personally it's a definite NO – David Ndinashe Makumbe

No, Simba is better. – Angela Botha

Do you think we should abandon elections because Zanu (PF) always rigs them?

Unity, Unity, Unity…… let us work on that first. you can't win elections without oneness. – Mehleli Ndlovu

We must not abandon elections.I think if most of us take it serious.Especial those outside the country register and go home to vote.Their vote wil make a difference even if there is rigging. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

No, lets continue voting even under unconducive environment , one day Zanu wl b history & Tsvangirai wl rule. – Joel Mutasa

We must not abandorn but we must fight until we get victory in our hands as long as we are united – Pretty Pretty

no we cant abandon them because it wont be democracy i mean these guys will give themselves power…what we can do is to make sure that they are "FREE and FAIR" by getting better eyes when the process of election is taking place, people voting in there polls not kuti munhu anotorwa kumusha avotera kuhwange and also knowing the figures of people voting in certain areas..adding on SADC we then include UNSC. – Brian Chidzomba

What do you think can be done to stop the abuse of Bronco in our schools and streets?

Bronco importation has already been banned. We know its not locally manufactured. That it is still being consumed in Zimbabwe is clear testimony that someone is not doing his job properly and that our borders are very porour, thereby leaving Zimra on the spotlight. Someone is still getting bribes for bronco to continue coming through. – Clémence Machadu

Get rid of the sources and its dealers with an immediate effect before it is a common thing – Irvine Mupfuri

Bronco needs international co-operation, especially at the borders where it is smuggled. – Gain Sibanda

Mmmmh make the musicians stop singing abwt it and uhm cut tha dealer of the phamacies – Brian Chidzomba

Do you think Biti and his team should form a new political part? Would you support it?

both biti & welshman say tsvangirai is no different from mugabe,dictatorial & undemocratic.let m tel both 'academics-turned-politicians:a leader shld have two sides,likeable 1,& dictatorial/undemocratic 1.no wonder both mugabe & tsvangirai boast of massive support n their own right.'mbiti & werish's' leader only xists in their imaginations,such a leader doesnt xist!they study simba makoni's position on grand coalition. – Ráymond Mákumana

To gain support in anything .. U gotta walk your talk. When you are actually doing the things that u talk about changing is when u will turn heads and get support. get out there and show them who u really are and then stick to it and make positive change … Always a dreamer x – Samm Sammstones

Wanachi, okay when Biti was the F.M our economy was better and he is not a person who is hungry for power like asingade kubva pachigaro. as a lawyer he also understands ma rights evanhu and if he does the campaigning now ratha that later i mean the impossible will be possible..i think the coming election he will have 30+ seats in the Parliament.. its all about the ideology and action of the opposition and obviously the supporters (which are rising everyday)…#TeamBiti – Brian Chidzomba

He is not in touch with the grassroots.it is the ordinary people who vote and not the interlectuals.the majority of the educated are armchair critics, they dont have time to vote .learn from zanu pf ,they know how to play their cards and their timing is always spot on .like them or hate them its a fact.if the other parties dont learn from zanu pf they will always be second best – Percy Maramba

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