What do you think is the way forward for the MDC – should they split again?

Shuld MDC-T alow these rebels back. They wl bring instability to the party to the dead end. - James Musa

Memory Ngwenya
Memory Ngwenya

Mr Magaya thus GOOD but u should suspend yr TWO comit members and start clean work.Not 4getng that Mangome, Kwanenze, lasty etc remain on list. Mbiti should stop empty rallies upto october. – Pee Ngwena

Hahahahahahaaha u think u can rule Zimbabwe when u can’t keep yr own party this will the forth in one decade who knows maybe u want 2 divide Zimbabwe. – Memory Ngwenya

This is good. Dialogue is the answer to reconciation. – Kenneth Baloyi

Thz gyz wer nt beaten thoroughly dats y thy behave in a childish manner. – Albert Tsambayi

No talks. – Edson Sithole

The Guardian Council is a funny lot. One of their member is one of the rebels or have they forgotten that? So Mr Magaya shut up and please sit down. – Maclass Jowera Mapanga

No negotiations pliz! Biti and company must go, that’s all! – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

Mwana wenyoka inyoka. – Memory Mawere

Politics is a game of perception. What politicians may intended for the people to believe may be perceived differently. What I am certain about is people can see the circus and are capable of making their own judgement even if politicians may think the voters are supine invertebrate jelly fish. Zimbabweans are not stupid! Maybe change of leadership is due but doing so Nicodimusly is counter productive. MDC should show that it is mature enough to conduct a grown up debate about leadership issues publicly, transparently and with dignity. The entire party membership should also be given a say because of the gravitiy of the issue. What has happened will only help to confuse the otherwise organically legitimate transformation of leadership. Many of us thought MDC had learnt what NOT to do by observing the ruling party’s shortfalls. I guess not. Waita mukuhlwane wabata ma-party eshe ere akiti woye! To say the least, many are certainly dissapointed by this extraordinary development and the manner with which this important issue has been approached. Good people, we need to grow up! – Samuel Pachawo Dhlamini

No need for dialogue. The rebels will betray the party if they are forgived. They should go, the party will always be strong even if they are fired. These rebels are fighting against the will of the people. Well the split is not good. But they should go, they are not loyal and trustworthy. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

Hey, u shld say MDC rebels who staged unsuccessful coup. However, we dnt wnt reconciliation, let Biti & rebels go for gud. Gud riddance. – Joel Mutasa

Purposeful dialogue may have some effect, but the current position seems increasingly untenable long term. – @MCFNottingham

Rebels must go for good. They will sabotage us next time, no no no no no go Biti go! – Wellington Tinaye Matutu

The MDC needs a restart. can’t afford another split. – @ibmatteu

They should all go & jump in a lake. They spend more time toppling each other than opposing Mugabe. A bad international joke. – @ConorMWalsh

No spliting this tym smeone has to go. – Mehluli Mambazo

Greed individuals. – Foreman Hove

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