Do you feel any sympathy for the wounded ZBC cameraman?

All of them cameraman and police they refuse to remove their shoes when they arrived at the KIRAWA so they were expecting the MADZIBABA to tolerate that nonsense!They got what they were looking for. - Kurauwone Chinyama

kana zero , ko inga MT akarohwa zvikanzi he chakadashurwa , they all laughed and celebrated the beating of incacerated individuals , so why shld we pity them ? – Mathews Zhomwa

Mathews Zhomwa
Mathews Zhomwa

as a friend of mine i realy do have sympathy for him over such an unfortunate incident calling for the respect of human dignity despite of the fact who employees them – Mabhiza Fungai

For me I don't feel any sympathy because zbc tell people and select news. They don't even think that the news they tell us we have brains to think about them. They tell us the one sided news. People they keep quiet because they fear for their lives no freedom of speech. The Radio tells people lies and the Tv plays the chimurenga and hondo yeminda of which that doesn't help the ntion by this time. We need honey and milk not lies and victimization. – Gibson Chuma

No sympathy for someone who films birds when MDC supporters ar killed, maimed & tortured in broad daylight. Anyone working for terrorists is a terrorist too. – Joel Mutasa

toda kutovavinga kunga kuma studios ikoko, they broadcast rubish – Blessing Makweche

There should he respect for professionals doing their jobs! – Fiona Payne

Respect for the injured man but not for who he works for. – Terry Attwell

the truth z some lies does not pay coz hw can e national broadcaster ditched by its own citizens even thoz high level delegates ey watch foreign stations so who z responsible for that no problem ini handioni, handibhadhari ndangariro dzavamwe nd ngavachinje zvavo zita vangoti zanu bc.saka uyo anoto deserver kukuvara kana kufa semunamato vevazhinji mazuva ano – Proud Danga

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