Do you think the tourism award was an carrot to encourage further reforms by the Zim govt?

Yes, it is on the other hand but at the other hand Zimbabwe is a beautiful country although Zanu-PF wants to ruin it. Our damage roads ar tourism attraction too. - Joel Mutasa

Yes. It is a goiod gesture meant well to our beloved country. So we reform & rebuilt our country from this starting point. We shouldn't look back. We shouldn't be ashamed of ourselves. This small gesture by the European union means a lot. This calls for celebration. Our country, at long last, is being recognised. – Kenneth Baloyi

It was awarded after the tourism conference jointly hosted by zim and zambia so there is no link with the revised indig policy – Percy Maramba

 Percy Maramba
Percy Maramba

Yes it was. – Grace Chigumbura

probably yes. – @iChaffa

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