Do you think the west should rescue Mugabe?

The rescue could destroy Mugabe. It may be not appear trying to destroy him. Which has really lengthened his rule. - Krishna Bhatt

Krishna Bhatt
Krishna Bhatt

Rescue please. – Nancy Mudzingwa

History shows everyone should avoid Mugabe altogether where possible. Much better to encourage gov change, Zim people. – @lukeroyes

The headline is evidence of the problem. Its about saving Zimbabwe & Zimbabweans & not punishing Mugabe. – @simbachitando

Wrong to think that re-engagment with the West is victory for one & loss for the other. Every feud must end. – @simbachitando

East, West, they will all rob you if you’re not assertive. – @tino_54

Yes, its Zimbabweans Lives at stake.. – Juma Zion Jediah Suberi

The scale of the apparatus together with investment to save Zimbabwe exceeds anything we have. – @simbachitando

Zimbabweans we all know too well the problem. Why know why, or think we do. The future is hard work! – @simbachitando

All we have are new fast growing chinese businesses in Zim and poor employees. – @chazy4lyf

Problem with the West is that they don’t engage, they impose. – @sheltonbiz85

What the West does is up to them. The question is: Will rescuing RGM benefit Zimbabweans? At the centre of all shld be Zimbos. – @gidi_gabriel

I think they will be rescuing Zimbabwe. – @tanakakano

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