FATE of the Information Minister behaving in a manner unacceptable to Zanu (PF) would be decided by the people, says party spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo.Where do you think this leaves Moyo?

good ridance. why did they bring him back in the first place? how many of you still rememberig the Tsholotsho declaration? just asking. - Lulu Mawela Mawela

Moyo has tried to bring perfection and reliability in Media circles whereby every press had factual information regarding published articles. We cant tolerate lies because we are not going to buy that particular newspaper – Themba Ttk Munkombwe

Let them fight each other we dnt care. Let the chaos rock this party coz they stole the elections. Zanu explodes!! – Joel Mutasa

Joel Mutasa
Joel Mutasa

Maybe he is MDC in disguise. – Mehleli Ndlovu

What people? The people didn't choose him in the first place! – @MariaZest1

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