He’s a football junkie

Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband is a football junkie and with the FIFA World Cup underway in Brazil I know we are bound to fight. He gets so obsessed with watching the game that he will not hear anything I say. Every time he is watching a match I have to block his view for him to notice I am there and saying something. And the bad thing is he doesn’t see how badly it irritates me. How do I get him to at least acknowledge that I also need to be given time? – Chihera

Dear Chihera

Football means a lot to most men and this time of the FIFA World Cup most women like you are going to be really fed-up if you don’t decide to join the club. It is quite obvious it is something in him that you cannot change. It only lasts a few weeks, so why not let him have his fun without spoiling it for him?

When you get married men, just like women, have things they are willing to give up. Some they are ready to compromise on and others they will hang on to no matter what it takes. His passion for football seems strong and I am sure he is the kind of man who would say, “If you can’t have me with my football, then you can’t have me.”

Trying to take football out of him will result only in taking his love for you out. If you love him and you want him to notice you and spend time with you, why not spend that football time together? Cuddle up next to him on the sofa with a book or magazine while he watched. Or try to learn to love the game and you will see that he will notice you much more.

Think of something you love dearly, it may be a television soapy, comedy or getting your hair done. How would you feel if he got angry with you for loving those things and demanding that you drop them or compromise? It will make him so happy to have you by his side watching together.

In his eyes you will be a nagging woman if you tend to bring important issues to be discussed during what he considers a crucial time. Yes you need quality time with him and it is essential that you are strategic about it if you don’t like football. Spend time together during the other times outside football and you won’t have a clash of interests. You CAN win this one! – Aunty Lisa

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